Step Up Your Gift-giving Game With Personalized Gifts

Step Up Your Gift-giving Game With Personalized Gifts

It can be fun to offer gifts, but not always easy to figure out what you’re giving. It can feel overwhelming - with a constant stream of Birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and graduation celebrations, you might feel like you’re always picking out another present. What do you get?

Customized gifts can be a great way to cherish the people you love and show them you pay attention to what they like. So whether you’re trying to figure out the best gift for your significant other, a family member, or a friend, we’ve got the perfect gift for you.

At Lands' End, we know the benefit of a special gift that makes the receiver feel unique and seen. That’s why we offer the option to monogram, embroider, heat stamp, or engrave on many of our products. From the options, you can choose to make your bag, towel, etc., unique however you see fit. If an item is customizable, you will find a “make it personal” link, which will bring you to a page wherein you select the type of personalization you’d like to apply to the item. Now that we’ve gotten you excited about how to shower your friends with gifts, let’s review some options.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

Have new homeowners in your life but not sure what to bring as a housewarming gift? Every new homeowner needs a welcome mat to set the house’s tone. You can be the one to provide it for them. Custom doormats are a great way to go. The first thing folks will see when they come to their house is the warm welcome you’ve written on their doormat. It is also an excellent gift for a newly married couple, as you can put their recently shared last name on the mat.

Get the Kids Ready for School

Not only do customizable items make for great housewarming gifts, but they are also great as a present for the first day of school. A unique backpack can give your child confidence that they are ready to learn. How your child feels about themself is vital, and sometimes it can be helpful to have a special gift to show you care. Your kid will arrive for the first day in style with their personalized backpack.

Write their nickname or initials, and they will have proud ownership of their bag. Not only can you write a message on the bag, but our backpacks come in various styles and patterns that will undoubtedly land something that suits your kiddo. If you have two children and think they will want the same pattern backpack, you can customize different embroidery or monograms on each bag; then, you won’t have difficulty differentiating. Write their nickname or initials, and they will have proud ownership of their pack. They will look so cute with their matching bags.

We Can’t Forget Fido!

His Birthday is coming up. Something you didn’t know you needed: personalized pet gifts are going to make your dreams come true with adorable jackets that you can monogram. Our dog’s solid squall jacket is available in many different colors, so no matter your furry friend’s natural coat, you can find something to compliment them.

Accessorize Their Next Beach Trip

Who doesn’t love the beach? Whoever is the lucky recipient of your gift will love the next present we’ve picked out. Personalized beach towels! After a swim, they can wrap up in our ultimate cozy towels that will dry them off in no time. They make the perfect gift.

Generously sized, our towels are 100% cotton; they’re plush, absorbent, and big enough that one can lie out and soak up the rays. And you can monogram them - does it get any better? Wait, it does - we have a variety of styles to choose from, so no matter what they’re into, we have a design they’ll love.

While perusing the beach towels, why not get a gift for yourself? You’ll find a vast selection of one-pieces and two-pieces in addition to beach wraps, cover-ups, and rash guards. We even offer mastectomy swimsuits and different options for various body types, so we know you’ll find something you love!

Or, if you’re planning your next beach vacation, you’ll be happy to know we have a wide range of family swimwear. You’ll want to capture that day for the family photo album. Imagine how lovely the photos will look ten years later - the fam in matching suits, smiling as you make sandcastles or ride waves on boogie boards.

Have Fun With It

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a difficult task now that you know we have an array of customizable items available. Your family member or friend will love using their gift, knowing you took the time to have it personalized for them.


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