Staycation Essentials for Your Kids

Staycation Essentials for Your Kids

The staycation is more popular now than ever. It has all the advantages of a vacation — namely, fun and relaxation. However, there’s no need to pack suitcases, load the car, or struggle with traffic issues. We’ve put together some kids’ outfit ideas for your next staycation, along with tips to make your family’s time at home the best it can be.

Comfy Clothes for Relaxing

A big part of any staycation is taking it easy. Whether that means lounging on the sofa with a good book, playing with favorite toys, or watching TV, there are plenty of outfit options to keep your child comfortable. Regardless of your child’s age, look for apparel that’s comfortable, soft, and easy to care for. While there are boys' and girls' pajamas to choose from, you’ll also find loungewear that’s cozy yet suitable for all-day wear.

For boys, a good place to start is with a pair of sweatpants. You’ll find plenty of boys' pants crafted from durable materials, such as cotton/polyester fabric. When shopping for sweatpants, it’s all in the details. Elastic at the pant cuffs imparts a tailored touch, while a drawstring elastic waist provides a personalized fit. If you want a pair of boys' sweatpants that coordinates with virtually any T-shirt, go for a black or navy blue pair.

Girls can stay comfortable all day with a pair of jeggings, which provide the look of jeans and the stretch of leggings. There are various styles from which to choose, some equipped with IronKnee® lining to prevent holes. You might also want to consider a pair of skinny jeans, which are a bit more structured than jeggings but still offer ample stretch for freedom of movement. Either pant type can be worn with girls' tunics, tees, and knit tops in any color.

Rugged Apparel for Outdoor Play

When it comes to heading outside during your family’s staycation, you’ll want to dress your kids in rugged active apparel that can stand up to plenty of wear and tear. Jeans are a good choice for boys and girls because of the sturdy fabric and array of fits and styles. Boys' and girls' shorts are an option for hot weather; they come in various lengths including modest Bermuda styles that reach the knee.

T-shirts and tank tops are wardrobe must-haves for playing outside. If your child tends to get their clothes dirty, go for shirts in a dark color such as blue or black. Tanks and tees can be layered underneath girls' and boys' sweatshirts for cool days, and they even work underneath button-up shirts to add casual flair.

Polo Shirts for Everyday Wear

If you’re looking for staycation clothes that fall somewhere in between casual and dressy, you can’t go wrong with a polo shirt. There are girls' and boys' polo shirts in an array of stylish colors, so your child can find their favorite hue. This type of outfit is a good choice for wearing around the house, but your child can also wear it for outings to the store or other occasions. The classic collared style of a polo shirt is also great for wearing on video chats with grandparents or other family members.

Girls' and boys' polos go well with just about any type of pants. Dress your child in khaki chinos and a polo shirt for a semi-formal look, or pair a lightweight polo with shorts for effortless summer style. Polos also go with girls skirts and skorts, especially if you love a look that’s cute yet casual. This shirt style comes in various materials and styles, including 100% cotton with an interlock weave for durability.

Footwear for Indoors and Outdoors

While it’s not always necessary to wear shoes on a staycation, there are times when you’ll want the right kids’ footwear. Girls' ballet flats are stylish and comfortable, and they’re easy for your child to slip on and off. This trendy yet classic shoe style goes with everything from girls' dresses and skirts to leggings and jeans. A pair of cushioned slides is another footwear option that’s practically perfect for your vacation at home.

Sandals are a must-have for summer, and they come in an array of styles for boys and girls. A pair of athletic shoes is also good to have in your child’s footwear collection. Sneakers can be worn for almost any occasion, from outdoor play to family walks and errands. If you have a pool of any size, water shoes are a good type of footwear to have for kids and adults.

Quick Tips for a Stellar Staycation

When prepping for a staycation, proper planning is important. You may want to schedule activities for your child to keep them occupied, but it’s also a good idea to leave plenty of free time for impromptu play sessions. Consider planning fun theme meals or let your child pick from a homemade menu to change up your usual dinner routine. There are lots of ways to make the most of your staycation, so get creative and plan a home vacation the whole family will love.


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