How to Stay Warm While Traveling

How to Stay Warm While Traveling

Traveling somewhere this winter or during the holiday season? If you are journeying to a cold climate, having warm clothing is an absolute must, not only for comfort but for safety too! Whether traveling by plane or car, it is a wise idea to have warm, practical clothing that will keep you comfy and safe from start to finish. Not sure what to bring on your trip? In this post, we will take a look at some of the best clothing pieces for a winter vacation.

Dress in Layers With The Help of Sweaters

Sweaters are your friends during the winter season. They are a classic fashion staple throughout the fall and winter, but they offer so much more than just stylistic appeal. Plan to bring one to three high quality sweaters per person for your trip, depending on the length of your trip. Opt for sweaters made with high quality materials, such as cotton and wool. Cashmere sweaters are a perfect choice because they are constructed with ultra-soft, thick, warm materials. Not only will they keep you warm, but the fabric will also feel like butter on your skin. A cashmere sweater is something you can wear comfortably indoors without needing any layers, but if you are heading outdoors, you can layer it with base layers and outerwear pieces like winter coats, vests, and jackets.

Invest in a High Quality Pair of Boots

Whether you are traveling to a snowy climate or simply any region that will be cold or rainy, boots are an absolute must. If you need to update your boot collection before a big trip, browse Lands’ End, to find high quality women’s boots, men’s boots, and kids’ boots. Look for boots designed with a waterproof exterior and a well-insulated interior. High quality boots are designed to last for many years, so make sure to look for options constructed with durable, long-lasting materials. Style is undeniably important for most people, but comfort and protection are the top priorities. If you are going on a winter vacation where you plan to be active or do a lot of walking, shop for boots designed to offer lots of support and comfort when standing or walking for long periods of time. If you are hitting the slopes for snowboarding or skiing, shop for boots that are designed for such activities.

Pack Practical Winter Accessories

Like winter boots, winter accessories are inarguably stylish, but more importantly, they are practical and necessary. When packing your suitcase with comfy winter clothes and outerwear pieces, don’t forget to include winter hats, scarves, and gloves for the whole family. If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the snow, be sure to pack thick, waterproof winter gloves. In addition to waterproof gloves, you can also pack a second pair for brief trips outside or short walks in the snow. Along with gloves, invest in a high quality winter hat you can wear with or without a hooded coat. At Lands’ End, we have many winter hats for men, women, and children in different styles. Shop for hats designed with thick, warm materials like cotton, wool, and cashmere. You can also find winter hats made with protective exterior materials and a water-resistant exterior or a faux fur-lined exterior. Finally, scarves for women, men and children are a necessity as they serve to keep the neck and face warm.

Thermals and Base Layers

Whenever you plan to spend a long period of time outdoors in cold, snowy weather, thermal layers help significantly in keeping you warm. Plan to pack thermals, long johns, and base layers like waffle shirts if you plan to do any outdoor activities like sledding, snowmobiling, winter hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. These base layers can also double as sleepwear, allowing you to pack less and create more space in your suitcase. Depending on the length of your trip, plan to pack one to three sets of base layer items for each person traveling.

Outerwear Pieces

We have covered winter travel essentials, including layers, secondary layers, winter boots, and winter accessories. While all of these items are necessary, they wouldn’t provide all the warmth you need without effective outerwear pieces. If you are traveling by air, packing big bulky winter coats in your suitcase may not be feasible, so plan to wear your heaviest items on the plane. If you are traveling by car, keep your winter coats out of luggage and on your person or beside you in the unlikely event your vehicle breaks down on the road. Planning to do a lot of winter snow activities on your vacation? It might be a good idea to pack snow pants or snow bibs for the whole family in addition to winter coats and jackets.

Shopping for new winter clothing for an upcoming getaway or simply to keep you warm through the cold seasons? Visit Lands’ End today to explore the best selection of cold-weather apparel for men, women, and children.


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