How to Stay Warm and Stylish on Your Night Out

How to Stay Warm and Stylish on Your Night Out

Going out for the evening is always more enjoyable when you know you look good, and you’re comfortable. So, when temperatures drop, you can adjust your look by adding some warm pieces to your outfit. You have many options, too, because you can add layers under your regular clothes, like warm hosiery or a snug T-shirt that keeps you warm without adding bulkiness to your finished outfit. If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, you can choose outerwear and accessories to add the extra warmth you need. Finally, warm garments, like a cashmere turtleneck paired with warm leggings or pants offer a stunning, cozy, and visually appealing effect for your night out.

Soft, Plush Tunics

A tunic crafted from soft cashmere or plush fleece delivers instant warmth along with plenty of visual appeal. A tunic adds versatility to your wardrobe because it gives you a way to use one garment for different types of activities. Choose a tunic that matches the venue you plan to visit and pair it with dress pants to make them look a touch more elegant, or wear it with casual jeans for an easygoing, energetic look. You can also choose one that’s made of warm flannel or lightweight cotton that’s perfect for layering.

Socks and Hosiery

Garments like socks and hosiery, which typically aren’t seen because they’re under your footwear, offer an easy way to add warmth to your outfit. To achieve a subtle effect when choosing warm socks and hosiery for your night out, match the sock color to your pants and footwear. If you want to add a fun pop of color while maintaining your look, match hosiery to your tunic. Adding hosiery for warmth can even work when you’re wearing a dress or skirt. Just choose thigh-high socks or over-the-knee cuffed socks.

Dressy Denims

While jeans are typically kind of casual, they can also be versatile when you choose dressy styles, such as black jeans or corduroy leggings. Match a pair of skinny jeans with flats or tucked inside a pair of fuzzy boots and top off the look with a warm sweater. If you prefer jeans that fit looser around your legs, straight-leg jeans and bootcut jeans offer some other options for creating the look you want while also keeping you a touch warmer.

Comfortable, Stylish Footwear

Footwear gives you a lot of options for adding warmth and style to your outfit for an evening out. The selection of women's shoes can be paired with hosiery in matching colors for a subtle, understated look that’s perfect for an evening out. You can also choose dressy boots that rise just above your ankles or higher-cut insulated winter boots to pair with thick, warm socks if your feet tend to get cold or if you expect to spend a while outdoors.

Dramatic Outerwear

Whether you’re spending time outdoors on your night out or want to make an entrance, dramatic outerwear can add to your look and help you stay cozy. Try a waist-length or hip-length jacket to pair with jeans. Go with a longer coat, such as a knee-length or ankle-length winter coat, for extra warmth or for pairing with a dress. For a matched effect, choose boots that coordinate with the style of your jacket or coat. Expecting to spend part of your time indoors and part outside? Tuck a pair of flats in a handy tote bag so you can change out of your boots when you reach your destination and remove your coat.

Accessories That Add Warmth

You can make your accessories pull double duty when you choose items that add visual appeal and warmth to your outfit. Fashion scarves are a great example. Draping a soft fleece, flannel, or cashmere scarf around your neck and shoulders adds a dramatic effect and a beautiful pop of color to your outfit. The fabric keeps chilly air off your neck, so you feel comfortable while looking stunning. Some other accessories to consider adding to your outfit for extra warmth include gloves, shawls, and hats.

You don’t have to choose between style and staying warm when you go out for the night. Putting together a look that’s both stylish and cozy can be so easy when you mix and match garments, accessories, and outerwear to create warm layers.

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