How to Stay Cozy Indoors When It’s Cold and Wet Outside

How to Stay Cozy Indoors When It’s Cold and Wet Outside

It’s one thing to go outside when it’s either cold or wet. It’s another thing altogether to be outside when it’s cold and wet. Although some people don’t mind being outdoors under these conditions, most people generally prefer to stay indoors when the weather is that miserable. If you fall into the latter category, read on for some ideas on how to stay cozy indoors when it’s cold and wet outside.

Dress for a Day Indoors

On bad-weather days when you’re hunkering indoors, you have two choices: get dressed or stay in your pajamas. In truth, you win regardless of which you choose. If wearing your favorite flannel pajamas gives you a cozy feeling, live wild and stay in them all day. When you’re an adult, getting to spend an entire day in your jammies is an indulgence, so go ahead and spoil yourself. If your family is home with you, break out the matching pajamas—they’re not just for the holidays anymore.

On the other hand, if you insist on getting dressed every day unless you are in bed with an illness (and sometimes even then), then do just that. Pick out your favorite loungewear or comfy sweats and walk around your home in those. Don’t forget a pair of warm socks and some slippers. For an extra treat, slather some foot cream or petroleum jelly on your toes and heels before you slip on your socks. Your feet will thank you later.

Kindle a Fire

Inclement weather provides the perfect excuse to light a fire in your fireplace. Snuggle under a fleece blanket with your loved ones and indulge your senses as you listen to the flames crackling, watch them leaping and flickering, smell the wood burning, and feel the warmth of the fire on your face. Make a game of looking for images in the flames, much as you might do in the summer as you lie on the grass and watch the clouds move across the sky. If there’s no fireplace in your home, now is a good time to dig out that scented candle you’ve been saving for just the right occasion. Lighting a few candles obviously isn’t the same as having a fire. However, the scent and glow will still bring an element of coziness to the room—additionally, you can look up videos of fireplaces complete with the ASMR of the crackling wood to display on your TV. When you’ve had enough of watching the fire, pull out a book and settle down for a bit of reading time, or snuggle with your child and read them a story.

Drink Something Warm

Set the kettle to boiling and make yourself and your family members a warm drink. Whatever your drink of choice—coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a hot toddy, hot apple cider, mulled wine—it’s comforting to wrap your hands around your mug and feel the heat from your drink seep into your palms. In that same vein, now’s a good time to cook some of your favorite foods. Not only do cold, wet days offer a good excuse to indulge in comfort foods, such as soup, but the heat generated by your cooking (not to mention the yummy smells) will turn your kitchen into the coziest room in your home. If you have enough space in your freezer, make extras this time and freeze it. That way, the next time a similar day rolls around, all you’ll need to do is defrost your food.

Make Time for Entertainment

Unless this is your first experience with wet, cold weather, you’ve probably got some idea of what you like to do when you’re staying inside where it’s cozy and warm. If not, it’s time to create some family traditions. For example, have each person in your family pick out a movie (make sure it’s age-appropriate for the youngest member), pass around the popcorn, and have a movie marathon. Hold a game hour (or two or three) if movies aren’t your family’s thing. Grab a few of your family’s favorite board or card games, pass out the snacks and soft drinks, and settle around the table for a long gaming session. Yet another option is craft time. You can work together as a family to make something—while not a craft per se, jigsaw puzzles are great for this—or have each person work on their own creation. Regardless of what you choose, doing something together will enhance family bonds, and the sense of togetherness will add to the coziness of the day.

Keep Your Space Uncluttered

It’s difficult to create a cozy space amid mess. Simply put, staring at the remains of last night’s dinner is not going to help you relax. So, before you settle into couch potato mode, push up the sleeves of your cashmere turtleneck and spend a few minutes straightening up. Put away the clean laundry, load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, and sort the pile of mail that’s been sitting on the coffee table all week. That way, you can be in the moment with your family and not be distracted by thoughts of unfinished household chores.

If you plan now, you’ll be ready to stay cozy indoors the next time it’s wet and cold outside.

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