Best Big and Tall Squall Jackets for Spring

Best Big and Tall Squall Jackets For Spring

When it comes to finding the perfect jacket for spring, squall jackets are a must-have item. Able to handle those pesky spring showers and cooler temps without making you sweat, the squall jacket is the ideal springtime companion.

From the office to your rainy day outside, a men’s rain jacket shouldn’t make you feel like you’re swimming in fabric. Instead, this rain jacket should be a well-fitting, flattering piece of performance clothing that makes you look and feel good.

Why Buy a Squall Jacket?

First, what is a squall jacket? This must-have layer is an essential piece of rain gear that keeps moisture out and comfort in. Meant for spring conditions where the weather is wet but the temps are warmer, these rain jackets are designed to handle wet conditions. The best part? You won’t feel too hot. Select a spring jacket that can withstand rapidly changing temperatures and wintery-mix storms.

Most squall jackets have a thin insulating layer that helps regulate your body temperature with the cooling spring storms. This not only keeps you warm but also feels comfortable. The concept is a one-stop jacket that can withstand the unpredictable spring weather.

Choose Comfort

Finding the right men’s big and tall coats doesn’t need to be a headache. First, you want a jacket with a longer torso. The fit should be cozy, yet not too tight. When you try on your jacket, put your arms above your head. Does the jacket ride up above your waist? If so, it isn’t the right fit. You want a jacket that allows you to move without sacrificing fit or comfort. Selecting a specific big-and-tall size keeps your body in mind. Extra room in the shoulders keeps your body from feeling like it’s squeezed, while a longer cut will keep you covered even in the windiest of spring storms. The best part? You can stay active in your squall jacket regardless of the weather.

The Right Features

Next up, take a look at the features of the rain jackets you’re looking to purchase. First, examine the pockets. Can you actually use them? Are there zippers to keep your belongings safe? Pockets need to be useful and functional with ample pocket space. Zippered pockets can hold more and provide a streamlined, sporty look. Bonus points if you find a hidden pocket.

Every active rain jacket should have a built-in hood to protect you from the rain. Having a hood that zips up offers you different styling options depending on your tastes. Also, check that the fabric provides for ample water-proofing. Some fabrics are better than others at keeping moisture at bay. Typically, you’ll want a breathable synthetic that keeps water droplets out but lets your body breathe to avoid moisture build-up inside the jacket.

Style it Right

How do you style your big and tall squall? You don’t need to look like you’re wearing a trash bag when you wear a rain jacket. Select a flattering style that keeps you covered for a fully-functional yet stylish piece of big and tall men's clothing. Sport your squall with your favorite pair of men’s big and tall jeans.

Choose a color that goes with your wardrobe, or opt to make a splash with brights that stand out. If you walk to work, you’ll want a jacket that goes with virtually any outfit such as a black, grey, or white color. Tan and brown are also excellent choices that go with anything from your favorite men’s dress shirt to those awesome corduroy pants. Natural tones easily blend in with outfits of any style, making it an economical and versatile choice for a jacket. That way you can still enjoy your favorite functional layer without having to purchase multiple jackets to go with your changing style.

Overall, the best big and tall squall jackets offer up plenty of useful features while still helping you look and feel your best. Look for features that work with your active lifestyle and the climate you live in. As a result, you’ll have a new favorite spring jacket that you simply can’t take off.


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