Springtime Outfits for Active Days

Springtime Outfits for Active Days

Spring is arguably one of the best seasons for debuting all the brand new outfits you just bought and can’t wait to show off. Wearing a flattering, new outfit is a great confidence booster, and what better time to show off new outfits than during the season that's all about fresh, new life? Give your own wardrobe fresh, new life with some of these stylish springtime outfits that are perfect for active days.

A Spring Camping Trip

Pitching a tent, building a campfire, and going for long, rugged hikes is about as active and outdoorsy as you can get during the spring season. If you and your friends or family are planning a springtime camping trip, you'll need outfits that serve you in terms of style and practicality. Since you'll be spending most or all of your time outdoors, prepare to get a little dirty. Pack outfits that are designed with durability to sustain all the natural elements like dirt, rain, and other debris. Start with long-sleeve henleys and fitted tank tops as your base layer. Since it’s spring, the weather can still be unpredictable, so we recommend layering your camping trip outfits with a long-sleeve plaid flannel button-up and a women’s fleece jacket if needed (you can always wrap your second layer around your waist when it gets too warm out). For your bottoms, pack both jeans and shorts. It's nice to have different options when you're unsure how warm the climate will be and how buggy it will get. Lastly, you can’t forget a high-quality pair of hiking boots and miscellaneous, protective accessories like sunglasses and hats.

An Outdoor Sweat Session

Now that the weather is finally warming up, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to transition your workouts from your home or gym right to the outdoors. Isn’t exercising just better when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery anyway? Whether it’s a boot camp style workout with your gym buddies, a competitive tennis match, or a jog through a wooded trail, you'll need the appropriate attire. Instead of sweatpants or joggers, opt for bottoms that allow for more flexible, free movement, like athletic leggings. Pair the leggings with a sports bra and a fitted athletic tank top with the option to throw over a comfy hoodie . And don’t forget a pair of supportive running shoes!

It’s a simple, classic workout outfit: leggings, sports bra/athletic tank, a hoodie, and running shoes. If needed, you can accessorize this outfit with items that won’t just make you look stylish but will actually serve a practical purpose. Some examples include a water bottle, backpack, smartwatch, sunglasses, and a baseball cap (no one enjoys exercising with the sun glaring in their eyes).

A Spring Getaway

We're going to discuss our most stylish spring outfit yet. If you're on a spring getaway, touring a cute coastal town or exploring whatever destination you find yourself in, you'll definitely need an outfit that's both chic and functional. Let’s start from the bottom up: if you're doing a lot of walking, you'll need the proper footwear. Sneakers are always the safest bet, but if you want to wear something like sandals, just make sure they have plenty of support so you don’t have to deal with sore, blistered feet. For your bottoms, try a pleated midi or flowy maxi skirt in flattering prints or bright colors. And for your top, opt for a lightweight linen or cotton blouse that you can style as you please. Maybe that means simply rolling up the sleeves or tying the hem at the bottom. If you need a second layer, grab a cardigan. Accessorize with a cute crossbody bag, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat if it’s a sunny day.

Mix and Match Bold Colors for a Family Picnic

When you need a cute, outdoorsy outfit for a spring picnic with friends or family, try mixing and matching bold colors. Maybe it's a long maxi dress in magenta with a brightly colored cashmere cardigan layered over it. Or, instead of classic blue jeans, you opt for lavender colored capri pants with a ruffled shoulder yellow blouse. When you know it’s going to be a warm day, grab some orange pull on shorts and pair them with a lime green top. If you don’t have a lot of clothing pieces that are brightly colored, accessorize with colorful jewelry, handbags, or wedge sandals.

A Flowy Dress for a Day at the Park

Obviously, a dress isn’t something you want to wear for a sweaty outdoor workout. But if your activity consists of chasing after your kids at the playground or meeting up with a girlfriend for coffee on a park bench, opt for a lightweight flowy dress and sandals. Pick dresses that are easy to move around in and won’t restrict your movement. Cotton dresses and t-shirt dresses are great choices because they're casual and easy to move around in, yet still chic and can be accessorized to reflect your personal taste.

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