Spring Work Outfits to Brighten Your Day

Spring Work Outfits to Brighten Your Day

Spring! That wonderful season when the days get warmer and the sun shines longer. We dream about it in winter, and we savor it while it's here. If your work wardrobe needs a spring update, no worries, Lands’ End has you covered. Whether you work from an office or work from home, why not treat yourself to a new spring work outfit or two? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fit and Flare Dress

Sometimes you just need a new spring dress. It feels so easy and breezy to wear a new dress, so why not perk up your workday with one? Fit and flare dresses are a great candidate for this. The A-line shape to the skirt that falls at or below the knee flatters most figures, while the top is more fitted. This creates a lovely look that is modest and business-like enough for most offices while giving you that spring pick-me-up that you need. Pair it with a pair of neutral or matching heels for the easiest outfit ever.

Pencil Skirt and Blouse

The most versatile skirt that you can own is a black pencil skirt . Pair it with a dressy blouse and heels and you can go almost anywhere in it. For spring, go for a pastel blouse in your favorite color.

Dress Pants, Cardigan, and Tank Top

Your trusty black dress pants deserve a new spring treatment! How about a white tank top and a cotton cardigan in a lovely blue, coral, or seafoam green? Cardigans are wonderful because they're not only comfy, but they can instantly change an outfit from fall to winter to spring depending upon their color and fiber content. If you get too warm, as long as you go for a “conservative tank,” you can hang your cardigan over the back of your chair and still look professional.

Capri Pants and Linen Blouse

This is a favorite for spring workdays (unless you work in a truly conservative office). Capri pants are just plain fun and choosing either black or white is a great choice for spring. Add a linen blouse for an instant upgrade. Just be sure that your blouse starts out wrinkle-free when you start your day. Wrinkles are the one downside to linen.

Jeans and White Blouse

If neat jeans are okay in your work environment, why not be stylish and comfy? Women’s jeans with a white blouse, neat flats, and a couple of pieces of classic jewelry is an ensemble that can take you from the office to a luncheon to an evening out.

If you want to take this outfit from day to evening, an easy approach is to focus on your earrings, lip color, and footwear. By going from simple to statement earrings, basic gloss to bold lip color, and conservative flats to strappy sandals or heels, you can instantly transform your look. Why not plan a date night with your sweetheart after work or meet some friends for a fun night out? Especially on a Friday, this can be your go-to transition outfit.

Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are a more casual office or work from home outfit. What makes a shirt dress more conservative and office-friendly is the color and length. If you stick with a neutral color and a hem that's at or close to your knees with a conservative pair of sandals or flats, your shirt dress may well be “office worthy." Even if it’s more “home office worthy," consider adding a shirt dress to your wardrobe this spring. They're delightful, one of the easiest outfits you can put on, and are great for going out to lunch or a casual evening out.

T-Shirt Dress

This is probably a work-from-home outfit, but oh what a cute one! Why not buy a jersey dress in a fun color and add a pair of spring sandals? This will give you all the fun of wearing a new spring dress while being as comfortable as wearing a pair of pajamas.

Yoga Pants and a New Spring T-Shirt

If you love working from home (or just hanging out at home) and yoga pants are your thing, why not perk up your favorite black yoga pants with a new spring T-shirt in a gorgeous pastel or fun jewel tone? Color just says “spring” and can make those rainy days before the spring flowers that much brighter.

This ensemble is also perfect for everything from running errands to gardening to an afternoon walk to meeting a friend for coffee. Throw on some sneakers, sandals, or a pair of black ballet flats and you're ready to go.

Treat yourself to some new spring workwear. You deserve it!


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