Spring Weekend Getaways

Spring Weekend Getaways

Great weather calls for great escapes. This spring, make some plans to get away from it all for the weekend. After a long, cold winter, everyone is ready for a change of pace when outdoor options become available on the itinerary. There are so many places you can go that don't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Going for just a weekend also makes it easy to plan since you don't have to use any vacation time. So whether you decide to fill one of your canvas tote bags with a change of clothes and spend a night at a hotel or take a short drive to the beach, there are so many ways you can make the most of your weekend this spring.

Fly South to the Beach

If you live in the continental United States, you don't need to take a super-long flight to get to where the beaches are warm. Why not take a load off and book a flight to Fort Lauderdale or Miami for the weekend? Many flights to these popular beach destinations are non-stop and without connecting flights, which can save you time and give you the most for your weekend.

You may also be lucky enough to live within driving distance to a beach that is warm enough for some springtime lounging. If so, you can ditch the hotel towels and bring your own beach towels in extra large canvas tote bags. You can bring everything you need without return trips because there is enough space for all your belongings. Whether you need to take sunscreen, an extra pair of sunglasses, a swimsuit cover-up, and a change of clothes, a large tote bag is one of the most convenient beach accessories.

Make Your Own Escape

Sometimes crazy work schedules and routines make it difficult to get away for a weekend. This doesn't mean that you can't make your own home an incredible weekend escape. If you have a backyard, explore ways to maximize your outdoor living situation. You can even take care of a troublesome lawn situation at the same time when you place down brick pavers to make a low-cost patio. This is a great place to grill, entertain, and invite your friends over for weekend parties.

To enhance this space even more, invest in some stylish outdoor furniture that you can decorate with different types of cushions as your tastes change. Get creative and experiment with different layouts and additions like side tables and even a portable outdoor bar. You also don't need to spend a lot to get shelter for your cookouts either. There are many types of portable canopies available that you can pop up for a night and pack away in your shed when the party's over.

Visit an Island

If you're in the mood for a change of pace where time slows down, and the scenery is outstanding, then you need to find an island that is near your home. It can be a short flight away or maybe a couple-hour drive, but you'll be surprised what you can find if you expand your Google Map search. Many charming islands are dispersed around the country that are graced with mom-and-pop shops, exclusive restaurants, and beautiful marinas.

When you visit a place like this, you can rent a boat, jet ski, or simply book a hotel for the evening and soak in the beautiful waterside sites. If you like to explore the walking trails of a tourist island, bring your favorite snacks in lunchboxes so that you don't go hungry. However, it's highly recommended to explore the local fare and get reservations at a restaurant that tourists love.

Visit a Long-Distance Friend or Relative

It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but you should also nurture your long-distance relationships with a quick weekend visit. If there is a best friend or relative who is on your mind, give them a call and see what they're up to in the spring. Not only is visiting a person you miss emotionally fulfilling, but you usually get to stay at their place for free. This is an excellent way to couch-surf while exploring another town with one of your favorite people. It's an excellent option for people of all ages and stages of life. After all, friendship never grows old!

A weekend getaway is sure to give you amazing memories that you will treasure for years to come. Which one would you like to try this spring to expand your horizons?


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