How To Transition Your Bedding For Spring and Summer

Transitioning Your Bedding From Winter to Spring/Spring to Summer

One of the best ways to have a good night’s sleep is by ensuring your bedroom and your body is the right temperature. In an article published by the Cleveland Clinic, sleep psychologist Michelle Drerup, PsyD stated that “typically it is suggested that the optimal sleeping temperature in the bedroom for adults should be between 60 and 67° F.” According to the article, when a bedroom falls in this temperature range, it can help you stay in the restful stage of REM sleep.

One way to ensure you don’t get too hot as you’re sleeping is by switching out your bed sheets and blankets with the change of the season. In the winter months, you want your bed to be as warm and cozy as possible. But, in the spring and summer, the air is warmer, so you don’t need the layers and heavy fabrics that made up your winter bed. Here’s how to transition your bedding from season to season to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Switch Out Your Flannel Sheets

While they’re great for winter, you don’t need flannel sheets on your bed when the weather warms up. Instead, you should switch your flannel sheets to a cotton or linen fabric to ensure you’re not too hot throughout the night. When transitioning your bed from winter to spring, swapping out your heavy flannel sheets should be one of the first things you do. It’s an easy first step: when washing and changing your sheets, just reach for a cotton or linen set instead of your winter flannel. Pack that winter flannel away until next year.

Switch Out Your Down Comforter

Down comforters are made to keep you warm. In fact, down itself is designed to “create high-loft clusters that trap air and body heat,” according to In other words, down fabrics, whether in a comforter or coat, are designed to trap your body’s heat to keep you surrounded by warmth. While this is a great feature in a blanket on a snowy winter night, it’s not so great once the evenings are hot. You may be able to get away with a down comforter on select chilly spring nights, but you won’t want it anywhere near your bed once summer temperatures become the norm—especially if you live in a poorly insulated home or you’re air conditioning isn’t always the most reliable.

Go For a Cotton Blanket

To keep yourself from getting too hot in the spring or summer, swap your winter down comforter for blankets and throws in a woven cotton or other similar-weight fabric. While these fabrics will keep you bundled as you sleep, they won’t trap your body’s heat in the blanket, like down is known to do, making them ideal for nights throughout spring and summer.

In The Height of Summer, Opt For Linen Sheets

Linen is a fabric that’s synonymous with summer, whether you’re thinking about linen sheets, linen pants, or linen dresses. According to, “linen flax fibers are hollow, making it very cool for the summer,” which is why it’s such a popular fabric for the summer months. In the height of summer, you likely will wake up in a hot sweat a few times as humidity starts to climb. During this time of year, it’s a good idea to swap your cotton sheets for your linen sheets to create a breathable environment for yourself.

Make Sure You Like Your Bedding

One way to inspire you to switch out your bedding is to ensure you like your bedding for all of the different seasons. Invest in high-quality blankets, bed sheets, pillowcases, and throws that you’re excited to put on during the start of a new season. Maybe you want something holiday-themed for winter, or, maybe you want crisp white sheets for the summer. Pick out bedding that fits your style and that you’re excited about each season. You won’t feel inspired to switch out your bedding if you’re spring sheets are in dire need of an upgrade.

No one wants to be too hot as they sleep, which is why switching out your bedding is just as important as making your bed. Create seasonal aesthetics using your sheets, blankets, pillows, and throws, to keep your bed looking fresh season after season. Make sure the fabrics you use for spring and summer are lighter than their fall and winter alternatives and get excited for all of the good night’s sleep you have coming your way.


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