Spring Style Tips For Men

Spring Style Tips For Men

Where women have floral dresses and pastel colors for spring, men have a bit of a harder time deciding what to wear. In general, there are fewer clothing and accessory options for men, so pieces have to be chosen with care if a man's wardrobe is to form a cohesive whole. The nice thing is that men's fashion incorporates a lot of classic styles. Many pieces are flexible and can be used to create different looks.

While pastels might be a bit too different style-wise for most men, spring is a time for lighter colors and lighter clothes. Both autumn and spring are seasonal transitions between warm and cold. In autumn, the days get shorter and darker, so autumn clothes get warmer and darker too. Spring is the opposite; days get longer and brighter, so spring colors start the shift from the thick material and hard color contrasts of winter to something lighter in both aspects.

1) Striped Tee

A striped t-shirt is a visually interesting piece without being too ostentatious. The horizontal stripes and the crew neck emphasize shoulders, so it's great for highlighting a strong figure. It's a shirt of strong contrasts, which references winter while still being a t-shirt, a warm-weather piece, so it works well for the winter-spring transition. Choose navy for your stripes instead of black to lean this outfit more toward a spring style.

Pairing this t-shirt with dark men's jeans continues the contrast of the stripes and is a sophisticated look. Add a blazer for a more formal style, and in case the evening gets a little more winter than spring. Both dark and light shoes can complete this outfit. Lighter jeans are more casual but look great with this top, and this combination is perfect for a spring day date. Light-colored slip-on shoes or sneakers to finish your look.

2) White T-Shirt

This is a classic wardrobe staple in general. But when you pair it with other pieces, it's so stylistically versatile, and the light color makes it a great base for spring looks. If you want to keep things simple, pair your white men's t-shirt with jeans. As with any simple outfit, make sure the fit is right. The simplicity allows the eye to absorb the whole outfit overall, so ill-fitting clothes become really obvious. The lighter the jeans, the closer this look is to spring.

A white t-shirt can also be paired with light-tan chinos or brown corduroy pants. This features less of a contrast, mellowing out the drama of winter and going with brown neutrals instead of the darker grays and black. Light-colored sneakers maintain the color palette and give this outfit consistency.

3) White or Khaki Shorts

As the spring season progresses, it's going to get warmer. This means it's time to start reintroducing men's shorts in your outfits. White shorts and khaki shorts are light-colored, with the khaki also being a brown neutral. Create a sophisticated-casual look with dark navy or dark patterned collared men's button down shirt. Since this look is for warmer days, short sleeves are fine or, if you want to keep your options open, choose long-sleeves and roll them to the elbow. More casual slip-on shoes work well with whatever combination of shirt and shorts you choose. However, the short sleeves especially can be a beach or boat outfit, so sandals are a great shoe alternative.

4) Jean Cut-Off Shorts

These are also for the warmer days of the spring season and give you some of the more casual outfit opportunities. Some like to make these themselves out of old jeans. Make sure the jeans still fit and aren't so worn they are about to fall off you. When you cut the legs, give yourself space to mess up. There's no going back once the material is cut. Combining your cut-off shorts with that white tee and an open men's flannel gives off a cool, outdoorsy style. Switch the flannel with a jeans jacket, and the style shifts to a bit more urban. Rolling up the sleeves on both of these overlayers is definitely the way to wear these looks. It also gives you a chance to showcase a nice watch, one of the few accessories any man can flaunt.

Finally, a graphic tee with cut-off shorts is a rocker look that is just cool! Keep the shirt white or light gray to keep with the spring vibe, and choose graphics that represent you and your personal style. As far as graphic choices go, simple is usually better, and "funny" should never cross the line into "rude." Throw on a pair of shades and some sneakers, and you are set for that spring concert.

Men's fashion is simple and subtle. But when it is done right, it makes you look impressive and capable. Play around with some combinations here and see what makes you stand up straighter and smile brighter. As with many things, confidence is key.


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