Spring Outdoor Activities

Spring Outdoor Activities

The trees are blossoming, the sun is shining, and people are out and about in nothing more than a women's lightweight jacket. Spring has officially arrived, and with it, our list of possible outdoor activities has monumentally expanded beyond “walking to the car” and “shivering.”

That’s right, spring signals the time of year when we can actually start making plans that involve being outside or simply step outdoors and see where the day takes us. Dinners, games, and any time spent with friends can now be spent outside, soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying the expansive world around us. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for spring.

Plan a Day in the Park

Whether you live near a small park, a big park, or have a backyard as big as a park, take yourself and your family out of your home and get yourself to your nearest one! Meeting up with friends for a picnic is a simple and fun way to spend the afternoon. Whether you go all out and grill up a big meal on the barbeque, or simply bring some snacks in a picnic basket to share, a picnic brings people together to soak up the sun, enjoy food together, and engage in lively conversation. Throw in a frisbee or ball to get a little exercise between sips of wine and bites of cheese. A solo day in the park is just as nice, too. Bring a book and a blanket, and some SPF, and get lost in the pages while enjoying the world around you.

Eat Al Fresco

A slightly more upscale alternative to the picnic, an outdoor meal at a restaurant is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon or evening. Meet up with friends for an outdoor weekend brunch wearing a sweatshirt or jean jacket in case the sun disappears behind a cloud, and perhaps a pair of sunglasses or a hat for when it doesn’t. An evening spent at a sidewalk cafe, either alone, with friends, or for date night, can make you feel like you’re in a European city for a night, enjoying the excellent people-watching as you sip a glass of chilled rosé.

Get Outside and Work It Out

Your indoor gym routine sure is convenient, but why not move it to your backyard, terrace, or the park? Bring your yoga mat, weights, and whatever else you need, slather on some sunscreen, and get moving under the sun! A lot of yoga studios will plan outdoor sessions to be able to enjoy the fresh air and connect with nature as you do your downward dog. Head to the playground if it’s not too crowded and get a workout in by doing some pull-ups on the metal beams, as well.

Go on a Spring Hike

Spring may be our favorite time to go hiking. It’s not as hot as summer, allowing you to work up a sweat slowly as you go, and it’s warmer than winter when you have to layer up to stay warm over the course of your hike. In spring, you can simply wear a pair of workout leggings and a few layers on top — a short-sleeve base layer you can strip down to if you heat up, an overshirt, and a sweatshirt should do the trick — and get going! Bring a tent for an outdoor camping trip if you really want to soak in some nature.

Cultivate Your Garden

It’s finally time for your garden to bloom again. Roll up your sleeves, pick out your favorite florals, and start planting for a gorgeous display you can enjoy for months. Cultivating your garden will make your outdoor space a place that you will enjoy even more as you start eating meals and hanging out here throughout the spring, summer, and into fall. Some may also care for their vegetable garden, and now is the time to plant the spring varieties you love, like asparagus, radishes, rhubarb and salad greens. If you don’t have outdoor space of your own, many cities have community gardens where you can grow and care for your own little plot of land!

Go for a Bike Ride

Our favorite way to get where we’re going, and get some exercise at the same time. This earth-friendly mode of transportation will reacquaint you with your neighborhood, or take you to a new one. Go for a leisurely ride with your friends or family, or pick up the pace on a solo ride for a workout.

Spring is the perfect time to get up, get out, and get into your favorite outdoor activities. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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