Spring Break Travel Tips

Spring Break Travel Tips

Ah… spring break! That delightful time of year when we get to shake off winter weather, grab our beach bags, and go somewhere warm to bask in the sun. Let’s look at some spring break travel trips to make your adventure as easy and fun as possible.

Pack with a Plan

This may seem obvious but packing well for spring break will help to guarantee that you have a fun and easy trip. Start with a good list of activities you'll want to engage in and go from there. Mix and match casual clothes are the easiest to wear (and pack) for spring break. Are you likely to go to any restaurants on the nicer side or somewhere that you'll want a dress and heels? If so, make sure to pack a comfy dress with simple accessories and keep them in the same bag for easy access. For something a bit more casual, a shirtdress is a nice option, and can even double as a beach cover-up.

Whatever else you plan to do, make sure that you pack (or wear) a good pair of walking shoes. Whether you're running through airports, walking on the boardwalk, or sightseeing, you'll want to be comfy walking. If hiking is on the agenda, make sure that your hiking shoes or boots fit well and are broken in before your trip.

Bring a Backpack

Backpacks used to be just for kids in school, but no more! They are one of the easiest carry-ons or carry-alls there are. You can stash your stuff, have it at the ready, and stay hands-free while dealing with other luggage, doors, or kids. If you have a full family spring break trip planned, have everyone bring their own backpack. This will cut down on kids asking you to carry stuff, give them the security of having their favorite things (within reason) with them, and can even make a convenient “handle” for guiding them through airports or crowded city streets.

Travel Tactics

Regardless of your mode of travel, spring break will involve some sitting, waiting, and rushing to get to your destination. Making sure that you and yours are as comfy as possible will include organizing travel details, wearing comfy clothes, and having personal items with you to stay occupied during the downtime.

If you're planning a family spring break trip, put one adult in charge of all travel documents (including e-documents). Share fun things like maps and websites about where you're going with the whole crew, but don’t leave the responsibility for actual tickets, IDs, or passports to anyone younger than 18 years old. It will just be simpler that way. Doublecheck that all items that can’t be easily replaced (e.g., IDs, prescription medication, glasses or contacts, and valuables like jewelry) are secure. Doublecheck all travel schedules and traffic conditions and add “cushion” so you won’t have to rush if everything runs on time.

Have everyone wear comfy clothes that don’t bind. A cardigan or hoodie that they can stash in their backpack can be invaluable in aggressively air-conditioned waiting areas or if an evening chill arrives.

Encourage everyone to pack their preferred entertainment in their backpack. Whether they pull out a paperback, e-book, crossword puzzle, or podcast, there will be times when traveling isn’t exciting, and everyone will be happier if they have their own brand of diversion handy.

Don’t Let Delays Drag You Down

Try to view your travel itineraries as guidelines instead of rules. This may be challenging if you're eager to get to the beach and put your toes in the sand or if a plane is delayed for what seems like no good reason, but it will help you to be a happier traveler. You’ll get there. And you’re on vacation, so you can relax the reins on your schedule a bit. Breathe. Crack some jokes. Do some people-watching.

Suit Up for Swimming

Whatever you do, don’t forget the swimsuit and sunscreen! If it’s been a while since you’ve worn your suit, make sure and try it on a few weeks in advance of your trip. That way if you need a different size (or just want to treat yourself) you’ll have plenty of time to find a new suit that will be comfy and make you look and feel great. Always try swimsuits on in front of a full-length mirror. Turn, twist, and touch your toes to make sure that the suit will give you the coverage to keep you comfy while you wear it.

A new beach cover-up is a fun and practical idea, too! If you'll be gone for more than a weekend, it’s wise to pack at least two swimsuits per person. That way they can have one drying and pull out a fresh one.

\With a bit of planning and intentional packing, this spring break trip will be the best one ever!


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