Guide to Spring Big and Tall Outfits for 2023

Spring Big and Tall for 2023

Spring feels like a season of renewal—blooming flowers, spring cleanings, the return of seasonal events, and more. In addition, spring is a time for refreshed wardrobes with items that can keep you warm on those chilly spring days and items that can take you straight through to summer, too. For big and tall men, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to find spring wardrobe items. That's why we're here to help.

Here’s what to wear this spring as a big and tall man.

Classic Jeans Are Always a Good Idea

No matter the season, jeans are a great staple in any big and tall guy’s closet. When it comes to big and tall jeans, you want to make sure you find a pair that fits you right and goes with the rest of the items in your closet. If you’re someone who swears by black jeans, you’ll want to make sure you have black jeans in your wardrobe. If you’re more of a distressed jeans with a flannel kind of person, get yourself some distressed denim. Or, go all-out spring with some light-colored jeans.

Whatever your preference, you’ll want to make sure your spring wardrobe has a few pairs of trusty denim that you can wear with plain t-shirts or dress up with your favorite big and tall dress shirts. Jeans truly go with everything.

Shop for Pastel Items

Spring is the season for pastels—light blues, light yellows, light pinks, light greens—all colors that look great during a spring date night and at work. For your spring wardrobe, add some pastel colors to the mix. This can mean big and tall t-shirts, light-colored chinos or khakis, and even some pastel spring jackets. Whatever you decide, your wardrobe will look just like spring every time you put on this pastel-colored outfit. And, bonus: you’ll have something to wear on Easter and Mother’s Day! Pastel is a great option for both holidays.

Try Stripes

The myth that stripes aren’t meant for big and tall wardrobes is long gone. Stripes are always fashionable and will go with nearly everything in your closet (jeans, chinos, even your trusty sweatpants!). For spring, get a few striped shirts to wear during your Saturday errands or while hanging out at your neighbor’s house. Classic navy and white is a great option for a striped shirt, but if you want something more understated, get yourself a striped t-shirt in white and tan or white and light gray. Either way, you can’t go wrong when worn with a pair of jeans and a pair of easy, spring shoes.

Get Some New Button-Downs

You probably own many button-down shirts, but you should buy a few more that can keep you cool as the weather starts to warm in the spring. Chambray button-downs are a great, casual option for spring. They’re warm but not too warm and go well with lightweight chinos or heavier khakis (plus, they can easily be tucked into big and tall shorts, too.

If you want something other than chambray, get a classic, white cotton button-down shirt. They go with everything and are the perfect option for a spring look—both night and day.

Invest in a Light Jacket

The weather during the months of March, April, and May (particularly March and April) can be pretty unpredictable. Downpours will likely happen and cold-weather breezes can pop up at a moment’s notice. To be prepared for this, you’ll want to make sure you own some big and tall fleece jackets for the season—along with some more lightweight spring jackets for warmer days (denim jackets are a good option). This way, you’ll have cozy and useful jackets to keep you warm on the coldest of spring days, but you won’t overheat in a bulky down jacket that's meant for the winter months.

Find the Right Shoes

Greet spring with the right footwear (because, yes, it is too early for sandals). Get yourself a pair of low, white sneakers for a polished yet casual look or purchase a pair of men’s leather loafers in a light brown leather for a dressier shoe option. You’ll want to have a number of men’s shoes to choose from for all of your new spring outfits.

With just a few closet staples, you can have a well-rounded, exciting, and fashionable wardrobe for spring 2023. When picking out the clothes you want to wear all season, make sure you buy items you'll be excited to wear this year and next.


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