5 Spring Activities to Make Use of Your Kids’ Boots

5 Spring Activities to Make Use of Your Kids’ Boots

Why do we love spring? Why not! Yes, there are reasons to love winter, but especially if you live in an area with four seasons, spring brings forth the chance to get from under those cozy fleece blankets and get outside. You might have cut down your kids’ outdoor activities during winter. So, once spring rolls around, they have the chance to let off all that pent-up energy kids have.

While shopping for your kids’ wardrobe, you are probably planning for all the activities you will do. There are plenty of exciting spring activities, but we are focusing on five activities for kids that make use of their spring-ready kids’ boots. From hiking to gardening, these five activities let kids have all the fun while keeping them steady and protected.


Get your kids moving by going on a hike. Hiking is so exciting! You can explore the outdoors in your neighborhood or take a road trip to a national park. Whether your family is planning to hike a short or long trail or venture out into a forest, your kids will make use of their boots. They will encounter rough terrain that sturdy boots can take on to keep them steady on trails and into the woods. Look for boots with a cushioned foam footbed and slip-resistant rubber outsoles to keep them secure throughout the day. Better yet, look for duck boots that are water-resistant in case you all encounter sudden rainfalls.

Need more ideas for a more worthwhile trip? Have your kids take over as the navigators by giving them the map and having them take the lead. Play “I Spy” or other fun games along the way. Better yet? Let your kids explore by partaking in an ongoing scavenger hunt. They can keep their most treasured finds as souvenirs in their backpacks (as long as it’s allowed). The trip will be one to remember!


Want a bit more time out in nature? Have a short (or long) camping trip. Camping trips will give you more time to hang out with the fam, explore the beauty of nature, and get a peek at the animals getting out of hibernation. Plus, they will get great use out of their boots! Look out for the following attributes for the utmost comfort: easy closures, cushioning, traction, and fabric finish.

Pack other items for a more rewarding trip, including moisture-wicking kids’ T-shirts, quick-drying bottoms, and comfy pajamas. If it’s warm enough, you may also want to go swimming, so be sure to take along stylish boys’ and girls’ swimsuits.

There are plenty of other activities your family can do besides swimming during the camping trip to keep your kids moving, exploring, and having tons of fun. A classic camping experience includes toasting marshmallows while sitting around the campfire telling scary stories or singing. However, switch things up by going fishing, bird watching, or star gazing. Make sure to take plenty of photos for a lifetime of treasures.


Let your kids get their boots (and hands) messy by helping you tend to the family garden. Gardening is a fun way to introduce kids to nature while engaging their sense of wonder and curiosity. This activity also shows them where food comes from and teaches them about plants and bugs. It’s common knowledge that spring is the ideal time for starting seeds. Have them plant food like peas and squash or plants and flowers, such as beautiful sunflowers. Or let them choose what to plant! Kids will want to eat the food they had a hand in planting!

Gardening can be an ongoing activity. Listen to them explain what they liked the most about the activity. Ask them about their favorite bugs, plants, and flowers. Finally, let them draw their experience and hang it up in your home.

Going to a Farmers Market

Besides gardening, another way to introduce your kids to fresh food is by going to your local farmers' market. In this case, you would not need durable boots (unless the market is located on a farm or grassy area). You can focus more on the style of the boots. Style their boots with chic kids’ jeans, a comfortable top, and a lightweight jacket if there’s still a bit of chill in the air. If it’s sunny, make sure they are wearing a visor, sun hat, or a baseball cap and shorts for boys and girls.

What are their favorite foods and treats? Many farmers' markets have plenty to choose from, and they are usually a healthier alternative to foods found in supermarkets. These types of markets sometimes have handmade jewelry, accessories, and art too. Plus, stay for the entertainment, such as local musicians or storytelling. Maybe they will see their friends!

Playing in the Park

Finally, go to the neighborhood park! There’s plenty for kids to do at the park while getting great use of their boots. Kids will always love hanging out at the park, from hide-and-seek to playing on top of the jungle gym. You can even plan for a picnic (with food from your garden and the farmers' market, of course). If you own a dog, tag Fido along for an all-out family fun day!

Every season is special for a reason. Spring brings warmer weather and more time spent outdoors. Let your kids slide into some durable cushioned boots for all-day fun, no matter the activities you choose to do.

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