Spring Activities for an Artsy Woman

Spring Activities for an Artsy Woman

Spring is an awakening for the senses—all around us, there are things to experience, like the grass on our legs as we lie in the park in light summer dresses or the smell of flowers in bloom as we walk down the block. For the artist, spring is a welcome respite from the long, cold winter and a time when all we have to do to find inspiration is walk outside. There’s suddenly life all around us, and a million ways to let our artistic side show. Here are some excellent spring activities for the artsy woman who lives in all of us.

Carry Watercolors in Your Backpack

You never know when you’ll find inspiration—it could happen when you least expect it. Just in case, carry a portable watercolor box (or other simple art supplies) in your canvas tote bag wherever you go. This way, when inspiration strikes, you’re ready. Perhaps it’s the way the sun hits the building across the street from you, or a flock of birds flying overhead. It could be the first buds of spring on the trees, or a dog playing in the grass. When you have your art supplies with you, you’re unstoppable.

Outdoor Journaling

Journaling helps you get in touch with yourself and embrace the moment. For many artists and writers, it’s where their ideas come to them. Perhaps you like to write down your dreams from the night before, or maybe you like to simply write down how you’re feeling every day. Either way, come spring, it can be nice to bring your journaling practice outside. Allow nature to influence your stream of consciousness and fill your pages with its bright aura. Grab your journal and your favorite pen and find a seat at an outdoor cafe in the sunshine or on a bench at your local park. Maybe you prefer to bring a picnic blanket and lie out in the grass. There are loads of options, all of which will help you unlock your creativity in the great outdoors.

Flower Arranging

Spring is a time when flowers are in bloom, so what better way to take advantage of nature’s bounty than with a little flower arranging? You may have a garden of your own that you can pick and choose blossoms from. Or maybe you have some wildflowers near your house or at a local park (be careful not to steal flowers that aren’t up for grabs, however). Otherwise, you can pick up some individual flowers at your local florist and get creative. Flower arranging is very calming for some and can be a wonderful way to unleash your artistic energy. The finished product makes for a great gift or a wonderful table dressing for your dining or living room.

Catch Some Outdoor Entertainment

There’s something about hearing the majesty of Mozart while witnessing the grandness of the nature that surrounds you. When the warmer weather rolls around, there are so many ways to enjoy cultural events and the outdoors at the same time. One way is a concert in the park, which brings live music to your local outdoor gathering place. Perhaps it’s a classical concert where you may want to sit on a throw blanket and sip on a glass of wine. Or maybe it’s a rock or funk show where you’ll be dancing on your feet the whole time. For those more into film, outdoor movie screenings start to pop up as well once the weather warms up. There’s nothing quite like sitting through your favorite movie overlooking your favorite local landmark, or in the middle of a park, enjoying the spring air and the company of others around you.

Drink and Draw

The name says it all. This combines two of our favorite activities, and we find that they each enrich the other enormously. Having a glass of wine or two while you draw, paint, watercolor, sketch, or do any other kind of artistic activity, feels just about perfect. This is a great activity for any season, but in the spring, bring the canvas outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Many art studios or community centers will host drink and draw events, but the beautiful thing about this activity is that you can do it all on your own, too. It’s also a great way to spend your artistic girls' night.

Create a Hygge Outdoor Dining Area

Put your artistic side to good use as it warms up and transform your outdoor space into the coziest spring dining area for you, your family, and friends to enjoy together. Grab the flowers you arranged earlier or throw together a quick bouquet from your garden. Then lay a floral or patterned tablecloth on the table and floral throw pillows on your outdoor furniture. If you want to encourage some artistic expression among your guests, put down some brown or white paper and distribute crayons for people to doodle with, like at a restaurant! String some lights and put on your favorite playlist. Anything can be artistic if you use your creative side. Tap into yours this spring!


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