Spring Accessories To Elevate Your Look

Spring Accessories To Elevate Your Look

It's no secret that the right (or wrong) accessories can make or break your whole look. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, and fashion is more fun when you can push the envelope, but we're here to provide you with some tried and true tips. Spring is a time for transitions as well as growth. So why not grow and expand your fashion horizons?

Take your favorite summer dress to the next level. Make sure you have the right accessories for your spring wardrobe with our helpful guide this year.


The ultimate fashion accessory, jewelry can elevate the most basic outfits to a high-fashion vibe. Layering necklaces are currently a great trend to jump on to elevate your look this spring. Start with a small necklace that sits close to your throat, such as a choker. Then add two or three more small chains of increasing length. Because you are layering, you will want to keep the layers simple. Think basic delicate gold chains, maybe one or two with a stone or charm at the end. Anything more, and you risk overdoing it.

Wear this layered necklace look with a low-cut or strapless dress to accentuate your collar bone and/or shoulders. Complete this look with either classic heels or strappy sandals.


Nothing says you are ready for fun in the sun and the end of winter like a pair of chic sunglasses. Go big or go home: big fun sunglasses are super popular again this year. This look is fun and fashionable, of course, but it also is practical. Bigger sunglasses means more UV protecting surface area on your face. Protect those eyes and look good while doing it.

Also, especially popular this year for sunglass trends are colorful clear plastic rims. Choose a plain, neutral-colored swimsuit this year and elevate your beach or pool look with fun pops of color on your accessories, such as sunglasses, sandals, and even your sun hat.


No spring wardrobe would be complete without a pair of fun sandals. Big, chunky open-toed sandals are what’s hot right now. This style typically has thick platform soles with wide straps. This is great news because this style is also super comfy and wearable.

These fun chunky sandals also look great when paired with a flowy feminine maxi dress.


Belts are always in and are a great accessory to elevate your look this spring. For a casually chic look, add a belt to your favorite comfy t-shirt dress or jersey dress.

Belting a dress or extra-large t-shirt adds an extra feminine flair and accentuates your silhouette. Pair this outfit with a pair of suede or leather ankle boots.


Anklets are a fun and fabulous addition to any cute spring or summer outfit that you can wear sandals with. Whether you are going for a romantic walk on the beach, a date night out on the town, or just lounging in the backyard this spring, a couple of delicate anklets can elevate your spring wardrobe, complimenting your footwear and accentuating your ankles and calves. They look especially great with any length women’s skirt.


Beaded bracelets are very trendy right now, and these fun and fabulous accessories are a great addition to your spring wardrobe. Wear just one or two, or experiment with layering them up. These are a more casual look and not as versatile as gold chain necklaces, but it is still a fun and chic spring look to try this year.


Scarves are not just for winter. Put away your winter wool scarf, of course, but get yourself a silky fashion scarf for this spring. These scarves are a beautiful addition to almost any outfit, whether you are headed to the beach or going to work. Wrap your scarf around your neck for a lightweight, breathable layer that will keep any remaining chill in the air off your neck. Wear your scarf as a headwrap, or use it as a belt. This is a wonderful and versatile spring accessory.

Now you are expertly accessorized and ready for spring!


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