Preparing for the Spring 2021 Fashion Season? Here’s What You Should Know

Preparing for the Spring 2021 Fashion Season? Here’s What You Should Know

If there’s one thing that each passing season proves, it’s that fashion is downright unpredictable — and completely unlimited in its possibilities, too. What may have once seemed unusual is often very much welcome a few seasons later. It seems that experimentation is at the core of every design, whether it’s a simple tunic top or a stylish evening gown. Spring 2021 expresses that enthusiasm and creativity in a number of ways with its wide-open spectrum of fashion trends for women.

The good news is that no matter what your color or print preference, there’s something for you in the mix. Spring is a wonderful time of year to adopt new pieces and make them your own, whether they play starring roles in your wardrobe or serve as complementary accent pieces. Here are a few key styles to watch for as temperatures rise and the sun comes out to play for a few months.

Color Chaos

After months of slipping into darker, more dramatic clothing, spring offers the promise of vibrant color. The season is poised to welcome a bouquet of sweet, invigorating tones that range from soft lavender and pale blush to energetic yellow and warm coral. Then there’s the brighter end of the spectrum, which presents zesty colors like lime, magenta, orange, and electric blue. Whether you choose a women’s blouse in one of these eye-catching shades or a dress, you can easily make a statement during the warmest months of the year.

It’s not just solid hues, either. Have some fun with a few bold patterns to shake things up — but don’t feel obligated to wear something completely out of your comfort zone. If you’re accustomed to keeping things simple, choose a single pattern as an accent instead. A pretty scarf livens up a dress in a solid shade. A patterned top peeking out beneath a cardigan or your work blazer adds a little personality to the mix. It’s easy to find your comfort zone with so many options available to you.

Short Stories

Shorts come out to play at this time of year, too, and you’ll love that there’s so much variety in how you can pair them. Runway mavens have been known to sport long biker shorts with structured, fitted blazers for an irreverent take on sporty-chic fashion. Even if that’s not for you, adding them to your workout wardrobe is more than suitable. Otherwise, take a peek at women’s Bermuda shorts, the always-classic piece that’s destined to become a springtime staple. Mid-rise styles in light, airy hues are perfect for anything from a backyard picnic to lounging at home.

High-waisted shorts make an appearance, too. They’re flattering on nearly everyone, and they look phenomenal with tank tops or T-shirts tucked in to call attention to the silhouette. A pair of chunky sneakers or flat slides makes a great finishing touch for a casual ensemble that you helps you feel a little more pulled together and fashion-conscious, yet still pretty dressed down and relaxed.

Comfort Always

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that nothing matters more than supreme comfort no matter the time of the year. That’s especially true if you tend to spend most of the day at home either homeschooling the kids or tapping away at your computer. Whatever your situation may be, comfy clothes have the potential to transform your world and make life a little simpler.

What sets these clothes apart from the rest? Think soft, flexible fabrics that move with you whether you’re hard at work or relaxing on the couch, so you always feel your best. Look to upbeat shades that instill a bit of joy and add some color to your world. Natural shades of blue, yellow, and green are uplifting and joyful, and neutral enough to pair well with other pieces in your closet.

Teed Up

Few garments promote comfort as well as the ubiquitous T-shirt dress. This easy piece is the type of tried-and-true garment you’ll want to wear throughout the season. Both refined and relaxed, this dress is versatile enough to wear just about anywhere. You can dress it up with a statement necklace and a pair of elegant sandals, or keep things casual in slip-on sneakers and a denim jacket.

You can also mix your trends. Add a vibrant scarf around your neck to bring it all together and add a pop of color to the mix. Slip into a pair of leather flats — another major spring trend — to bring a hint of sophistication to the mix. Try your dress with booties and sling on an effortless cross-body bag for a complete and put-together look.

Spring fashion in 2021 comes down to two key factors: color and comfort. With the right pieces in your closet, you’ll have something fabulous to wear all season long.

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