3 Ideas for a Socially Distanced July 4 Celebration

3 Ideas for a Socially Distanced July 4 Celebration

If you’re planning to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends this year, you might have big plans in mind — you might also be concerned about everyone maintaining space from one another. When maintaining physical distance is a concern, it’s important to plan ahead. You’ll need to determine the most appropriate type of gathering to host and figure out how many people to invite based on the room you have available.

So what to do if the planning is all on you? The fun part is picking your perfect summer dress for the occasion. But first, make sure you have all of the logistics down, so you don’t have to focus on anything but having a great time when the festivities begin. From hosting a parade to gathering with loved ones, here are some ideas to keep in mind so you can have a safe and socially distanced July 4th celebration.

Have a Virtual Gathering

Sure, some people might be able to make it, but you may want to limit the guest list to those within your bubble. Whether you’re concerned for your children or elderly loved ones, you simply might have to make some compromises to ensure everyone is safe and still has a great time. Fortunately, there’s always the option of inviting some of your guests to attend virtually.

Have a little fun by sharing some recipes for the food you plan to serve. It doesn’t matter whether it’s burgers or your famous taco dip — the idea is for everyone to enjoy the same menu. That contributes to a sense of togetherness even when you can’t be together, making the occasion just a little more enjoyable for everyone involved. Keep it on a theme by encouraging everyone to wear their best red, white, and blue garments, from T-shirts to tunic tops.

Host an In-Person Meetup

It’s entirely possible to keep distance while still meeting up in person. That’s particularly true if you normally invite your neighbors over to celebrate Independence Day in your backyard. You can still host the same type of celebration, but you’ll need to make a concentrated effort to create a space that encourages your guests to maintain their physical distance. For example, strategically place your lawn chairs apart from one another. Or, if you’re renting tables for the occasion, spread them apart. Cluster chairs for families together, so it’s easy for everyone to find a spot. Another option is to have a neighborhood party with everyone barbecuing on their own lawns. You can still communicate with each other but in a slightly different way.

Remember to make your plans clear in your invitation. This is especially important for guests who plan to bring their children along. Make it clear that this will be fun! Encourage everyone to wear their favorite comfy clothes, so they can truly relax and enjoy every moment of the festivities. Remember, this is ultimately about spending the holiday together, regardless of how spacing between each other.

Have a Neighborhood Parade

Why not try something different? You can absolutely celebrate the Fourth and have a memorable time, even if your guests need to keep their distance from one another. Make plans for the kids to enjoy the festivities by hosting a neighborhood parade. It may be helpful to connect with others in the neighborhood to help plan this together. Planned properly, it’s sure to be a fun event that the little ones will remember.

To pull it off successfully, request that everyone who is marching stand apart. This will create a slightly different parade configuration, but it’s easy to stick with a distanced routine when everyone is focused on marching. Don’t forget to recommend a festive dress code! Suggest that kids wear their best red, white, and blue attire, from comfy dresses for girls that help them keep their cool to lightweight T-shirts for boys that are airy and breathable. Finish by gathering for a distanced Independence Day lunch in one of the participants’ yards. Similar to hosting a barbecue or a gathering with the adults in the neighborhood, set up a few chairs several feet away from each other and offer a friendly reminder to the kids to keep their distance.

There are countless ways to enjoy the holiday, show your stripes, and express your patriotic side — all without sacrificing the importance of staying physically apart from the people in your group. This is a wonderful way to keep up with age-old traditions, whether they’re important to your family, meaningful to your friends, or part of the fabric of the community or the neighborhood. When it’s a group effort, it’ll make everything that much more special. What better way to make the most of the holiday?


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