Socially Distant Activities to Bring Your Family Closer This Easter

Socially Distant Activities to Bring Your Family Closer This Easter

When families can’t be together in person, you still have plenty of creative options to bring everyone a little closer, especially for holidays like Easter. Fun socially distant activities can help everyone make the most of the holiday and celebrate all that’s dear about the season.

Celebrate Easter Outdoors

If it’s an option where you live, consider celebrating Easter completely outdoors. Set up safe social-distancing zones for different activities, such as games and meals, so people can keep their distance and still be able to have conversations and see one another. Get creative with outdoor seating. Whether it’s a casual picnic theme where family groups each eat on their own picnic blankets or an elegant fondue theme with sets for each group, you can find options to keep everyone together yet safely apart. For a celebration like this, it’s important to make sure expectations are clear in advance. Make sure the invitations specify the seating, activities, and general distancing plans so no one is surprised when the big day arrives.

Consider Drive-By Easter Egg Hunts

When it’s not practical for kids to go on a traditional Easter egg hunt, consider a drive-by solution instead. Contact local family members and have them each plan to have an Easter surprise ready for a drive-by. To make it more memorable and engaging, consider making it clue-oriented. For the child to receive his or her Easter surprise, he or she will need to solve a riddle or small Easter puzzle.

You can also ask family members to place items in baskets outside the doorsteps of their homes. Swing by and have kids pick up the item. Then snap a photo of their smiling faces to send back to the other family members. Taking a photo is a great way to show off your girls’ Easter dresses or your boys’ Easter outfits as well.

Have a Virtual Video Celebration for Easter

Set up a time for the whole family to get together virtually via your favorite video platform. To make the most of the virtual celebration, consider setting up some simple Easter games in advance, encourage people to share original Easter poetry, or have a list of things to share that people are grateful for or are looking forward to this spring. Have people compare their favorite things from the day, whether it’s their softest comfy lounge clothes or the Easter dessert. You can still throw on gorgeous women’s Easter dresses too!

Make It Memorable With Music

Have a round-robin with Easter music to bring the family close this year. To start, have one family member choose a song (whether religious or spring-themed) that means a lot to them at Easter. The first person sends that song via text or another virtual method to the next person on a list of family members, then that person chooses a song, and so on. Encourage family members to listen to the lyrics and feel the emotion of the song to help bring everyone closer together and really get to the heart of the holiday.

Create a New Easter Tradition to Celebrate Virtually

Sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new. If it seems like it might be time for a new tradition for your family this Easter, consider creating a new and meaningful tradition everyone can virtually participate in. It might be dropping off a basket of Easter goodies at the door of an elderly neighbor’s house, writing your own Easter book, going all out and decorating the front yard in creative Easter decorations, or having each family member plant a flower or tree in honor of the holiday. Have everyone take photos of the event and establish a new tradition that will warm hearts and bring everyone close together, no matter where they are.

Send Surprise Easter Gifts to Family Members This Year

Your beloved family members might not be expecting it, but sending a sweet Easter gift can make the recipient feel special and appreciated. Send your sister a set of beautiful monogrammed bath towels or your aunt a set of soft new bedsheets as an Easter gift. Your mom might be thrilled to cozy up with a long cotton robe for Easter, or maybe your cousin has been longing for a comforter. Now’s the perfect time to get those special gifts sent for the holiday. Even adults love Easter gifts! Stay close together in your hearts by telling the people you love how much you are thinking of them with a special Easter surprise.

Celebrate Easter Safely and Beautifully with Socially Distant Activities for Families

Making the Easter holiday extra special can still be done. Keep your family members close to your heart by coming up with new and innovative ways to celebrate the holiday while staying safe and socially distant. From safely distanced activities to new traditions you can share separately, you can tailor the holiday however it works best for your family. Go beyond the standard traditions and think outside the box to make everyone feel cherished in a big way this Easter.

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