Slipper Season: Snuggle up With These Favorites

Slipper Season: Snuggle up With These Favorites

Generally, the older we get, the more we dislike the dreariness of winter. Sure, as energetic, young children, we couldn't wait for the first snowfall and the chance to build snowmen and go sledding with the neighborhood kids before coming inside for a piping hot cup of cocoa. However, winter — as we know once we're adults — is also filled with longer, darker days, hours of shoveling show and downright bitter temperatures that make hibernation sound especially appealing. Although literally hibernating like a bear all winter long is out of the question for any one of us, spending more time indoors curled up in your favorite comfy flannel pajamas and a pair of slippers is likely on the docket. To fully prepare yourself for the season, make sure you are stocked up on any one of these super comfy slippers that are perfect for snuggling up in on cold winter days.

Sherpa Fleece Clog House Slippers

Sherpa fleece clog house slippers are a cult classic. You should never be without a pair once winter strikes. As soon as the leaves start to fall from the trees, the Sherpa fleece clog slippers should come out of retirement. Wearing them around the house feels akin to walking around on a cloud. Ok, maybe it's not quite the same sensation. Maybe it's better. With this material, you won't have to bother wearing socks. Keep them by your bedside so you can slip them on first thing in the morning as you make your way to the shower or to the kitchen to whip up breakfast. This slipper is reasonably priced, so if you have a hard time deciding on what color you want, why not spoil yourself and buy a couple of different pairs? It's always a good idea to have a spare on hand should any ever be misplaced. A pair of rich red clog slippers looks splendidly idyllic during the holiday season and makes for a great gift to go with some Christmas pajamas.

Knit Fuzzy Clog Slippers

Knitwear on the outside, a ridiculous amount of fuzziness on the inside. Knit fuzzy clog slippers are just as wildly popular as their counterpart, the aforementioned Sherpa fleece clog house slippers. Wearing a pair in a silver, deep navy blue or alpaca heather color means this style of slipper always looks polished, so you can get away with wearing them when you have house guests. A slight variation of this is the Sherpa-lined hand-knit cable house slippers that fit a little more like booties or socks, but still offer the same comfort (maybe a little less fuzziness). Like the Sherpa fleece clog slippers, you can get this slipper in red to put you in the holiday spirit. If you just aren't a slipper kind of gal, substitute the knit slippers for a pair of hand-knit cable socks. The added benefit of this option is that these socks go up to the calf, providing you with extra warmth when you really need it. Finally, for the slipper-wearing man in your life, consider buying him a pair of monogrammed knit moc slippers and one of our men's flannel robes during the holiday season.

Shearling Fur Plaid Moccasin Slippers

The shearling fur plaid moccasin slipper is the Pomeranian of slippers. Sure, the knit slippers had ultra-comfy fuzziness and the clog slippers had Sherpa fleece, but it's safe to say that the moccasin slippers take the cake. Fewer materials are as delightfully soft as shearling fur, and it does an impeccable job of keeping your feet warm on a cold day. So warm are they, that you may find yourself having a hard time taking them off before going to bed. There are no rules! Wear those shearling fur slippers to bed! Not only are they extra furry and warm, but also the rich red plaid exterior makes the slippers festive and suitable to wear around the house during the holiday season.

Suede Leather Moccasins

The suede leather moccasin is a classic. No frills. Just down to basics, and yet they cover all bases. Durable outer material that will ensure the slippers last you a long time? Check. Faux fur lining and foam cushioning that will keep your feet warm and comfortable? Check. A variety of stylish colors to choose from, ranging from English tan to dark peacock to washed pink? Check. Suede leather moccasins are also compact, making it easy for you to travel around with them since they won't take up much room. You can also have the slippers monogrammed. This is a great idea if you plan on getting your entire household suede leather moccasins as a Christmas gift this year. When everyone's slippers are monogrammed, it makes the gift all the more personal. But, more importantly, all the slippers will be labeled so no one switches up each other's slippers by mistake.


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