Here’s Why Sleepwear Is Important for Good Sleep

Here’s Why Sleepwear Is Important for Good Sleep

Like so many things in life, sometimes you really need the right outfit to do the job well. And sometimes sleeping is no different. It may be surprising to hear, but the right sleepwear can be a game-changer for getting the right amount of good-quality sleep. There are even studies that point to how wearing the wrong thing to bed can wreak havoc on the quality of one’s sleep. Getting enough quality sleep is paramount to overall health, happiness, and well-being. While what to wear to bed may seem like a relatively trivial question, wearing the right sleepwear can make a big difference for your sleep and overall health.

The perfect sleepwear should be just as dreamy as a good night’s sleep. Here’s why sleepwear is an important factor for you catching enough Z’s, and why you should definitely consider dressing for the occasion, even if that occasion is sleeping.

Gets You in the Sleep Mood

Pajamas aren’t just for working from home or Netflix and chill. Pajamas also get you in the mood for sleeping and relaxing. Slipping into your jammies is like slipping into your uniform to go to work, except that your nighttime job is just to get a stellar night’s sleep. Putting on a pair of women’s pajamas is an effective way to tell your body that it’s time to start winding down and relaxing.

Magnify the effects of your pajamas by adding an evening ritual, too. Switch off the screens, light a candle, play some relaxing music, and curl up in your pajamas with a good book to get your body in the mood to slip deep into sleep when you dive into bed.

Regulates Body Temperature

Body temperature plays a big role in the quality of your sleep. Sleepwear is specifically designed to improve your sleep, including its ability to regulate your body temperature. If you overheat during sleep, it decreases the production of your “sleep hormones” and doesn’t let your body go into adequate “rebuild” mode, both of which are imperative to overall health and well-being. Similarly, if you are cold at night, it can deplete your immune system and not allow for your body to get the rest it needs. A good set of sleepwear is made to ensure your body temperature is optimal for getting that deep healing sleep you need.

Maximum Comfort

Of course we all associate pajamas with comfort. But truly, sleepwear is designed to make comfort an art. Pajamas should allow you a wide range of motion so you don’t feel pinched, squeezed, or restricted while sleeping. Constricting sleepwear can feel uncomfortable and irritating, which can lead to tossing and turning instead of peacefully snoozing. Nightgowns or cotton nightgowns are especially wonderful for sleeping comfortably as they offer unrestricted movement and little room for pinching and pulling.

Some other pro tips are to ditch the bras and underwear. Sleeping in undergarments can not only cause pinching and pulling, but can also build up moisture or bacteria and cause irritation. So be sure to go commando beneath your nightie.

Optimal Breathability

Unless you enjoy sleeping in your birthday suit, you will want to be sure your sleepwear of choice is breathable. Fabrics that aren’t breathable can cause irritation, bacteria buildup, overheating, and overall discomfort. While choosing a loose-fitting and comfortable pajama is important for breathability, so is the fabric. Natural materials such as cotton, fleece, silk, and linen can all be great choices for pajamas. You want to be sure you dress for the climate as well as for your natural body temperature.

For example, fleece pajamas are ideal for cold winters where a cotton sleep shirt is ideal for warm summer nights. Both, however, give you the breathability you need to sleep well.

Things to Avoid

When selecting sleepwear for optimal sleep, there are some things to avoid. Aside from wearing undergarments to bed, one should also avoid wearing tight things and dirty pajamas. Seems like an obvious point, but it’s more important to wear clean jammies than it is to wear clean jeans. When you’re cuddled up under your blankets, the warm environment can become an incubator for bacterial growth and skin irritation. The buildup of skin, sweat, and body oils can cause rashes and other unpleasantries. It’s best to wash your pajamas frequently and be sure that they are breathable and comfortable.

What Sleepwear Is Best for You?

Choice of sleepwear can be a wonderfully personal decision. Where some prefer a nice set of flannel pajamas, others may feel best in a simple cotton sleep shirt. Important points to consider when choosing what sleepwear is right for you are: your climate, your body temperature, your personal comfort, and your personal preference.

If you run colder at night or live in a cooler climate, then a full-on pajama set with a pair of cotton socks might be your ideal sleepwear. If you live on a tropical island or in warmer climates, perhaps a simple cotton nightgown, sleepshirt, or even a cotton sarong could be your best choice for sleepwear.

Keeping your body at the right temperature and in a comfortable environment will create the optimal foundation for you to sleep well. And the right sleepwear can help you achieve that. Remember, while everyone has a pajama style they prefer, it’s important that your sleepwear makes you feel comfortable with your movement and temperature levels. Sweet dreams!


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