6 Ways to Dress Up Leggings for NYE

6 Ways to Dress Up Leggings for NYE

If you think leggings are only for lounging around the house or doing a hot yoga class, think again! Leggings have been cemented as a classic fashion staple at this point, and there are so many ways to style them…even for dressy occasions like New Year’s Eve. If the idea of arriving to a New Year’s Eve party in leggings appeals to you, let us show you how you can dress them up to look just as fabulous as you feel comfy.

Faux Leather Leggings and Statement Heels

If you want to achieve a super trendy look, invest in a pair of faux leather leggings. It’s an edgy look, but the interior lining of the leggings will ensure you still stay comfy. Black faux leather leggings with a pair of statement heels will really help you create a chic outfit. The statement heels could be in any color or print style, or you could just stick with classic black stilettos (which are equally stunning and eye-catching). For your top, try a sleek, satin white blouse with a button-down front and poufy sleeves. To finish the look, accessorize with a gold or silver chain purse.

Legging and Cashmere

Casual on the bottom, elegant on top. A cashmere turtleneck sweater with a pair of leggings can really help you create that desirable high-low look. This is a great outfit choice if you are spending New Year’s Eve gathered with a few close friends or family members. You will still look presentable and stylish, but it’s undeniable you will be the comfiest person at the party. If you love a good monochromatic look, opt for a black cashmere turtleneck with black leggings and black footwear like ballet flats or heeled boots. If you look a colorful outfit, try a cashmere sweater in a light blue color with white leggings and colorful statement heels.

Sequin Leggings

While wearing sequin leggings probably isn’t something you would do on your day off when you plan to hibernate at home all afternoon, sequin is an iconic New Year’s Eve look. Instead of a long, sequin dress, why not opt for sequin leggings instead? As you might have guessed, sequin leggings are a lot cozier than a sequin dress. If you want to create an edgy, cool-girl look, pair sequin leggings with a loose band tee and a leather jacket. If you prefer a more classic New Year’s Eve look with a twist, try pairing sequin leggings with a sequin cami top or a sequin mini dress. Contrasting two different colors and styles of sequins is a great way to put a unique spin on a classic New Year’s Eve outfit.

Leggings Under a Skirt

Instead of wearing stockings under a skirt, why not swap them out for thicker bottoms, like leggings? You will achieve the same look like stockings but enjoy greater warmth and comfort. The sky's the limit when it comes to whatever skirt style you want to pair the leggings with; however, mini skirts are probably the best look. There’s not much of a point in wearing leggings if you are just going to wear a long maxi skirt (unless you are purely wearing leggings for warmth). You can pair leggings with any mini skirt style ranging from black leather to sequin to chiffon. For your top, try a blouse or sweater and layer with your favorite jacket.

Make it Edgy

If you love a good all-black look that screams “edgy rocker”, we’ve got the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit for you: start with a black crop top and a pair of black leggings. That’s simple enough, but to really play into the edgy factor, it’s all about the way you accessorize. You can keep it casual with a pair of white kicks or go for any edgy footwear style like moto boots or stiletto boots. Next, layer on top with a black leather jacket. Finish the look with accessories like a designer handbag or big, black sunglasses. Sure, you might think it’s unusual to show up to a New Year’s Eve party at night with a pair of sunglasses on, but it plays into the edgy look, and you can always rest them on your head and wear them purely for accessorizing purposes.

Leggings and a Colorful Tunic

If the New Year’s Eve party you are attending is a very laid-back affair, keep things presentable, but casual with a pair of leggings and your favorite tunic. Fewer things are comfier than this combination, but you won’t have to sacrifice comfort to get it. If you do feel the need to dress it up a bit, accessorize with heels, a women’s scarf, and a cute handbag.

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