Six Top Sweater Styles That Belong in Every Woman's Closet

Six Top Sweater Styles That Belong in Every Woman's Closet

It’s official: sweater weather is here! One of the best things about the fall and winter seasons is all the sweater styles we get to wear: cashmere sweaters, chunky knit sweaters, and cozy tunic sweaters. The variety is endless! If you are in the process of updating your sweater collection and looking for fabulous new pieces to add to your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will look at some of the top sweater styles that belong in every woman’s closet.

A Patterned Sweater

A cute patterned sweater is an excellent choice for days out with girlfriends. Going on a shopping trip? Meeting up for brunch? Take a girls’ weekend trip? Pack a chic patterned sweater to create a trendy yet casual and comfy outfit. Find the print style you like best (this could be anything from animal prints to stripes), and pair it with white straight-leg pants or blue skinny jeans. No matter how few or how many sweaters you have, every woman should have at least one in her favorite print design.

A Bright, Solid-Colored Sweater

Having one high-quality solid sweater in a daring color is equally as important as having a patterned sweater in your wardrobe collection. Contrast a bright, solid sweater with darker bottoms, like a black leather skirt or brown corduroy pants. Something like a mustard yellow or soft lavender will brighten up your entire outfit on a dreary fall or winter day.

A Crop Sweater

Many women may feel like they simply couldn’t pull off a cropped sweater, have nothing to wear it with, or have no occasion for which they could wear it. But that isn’t true! There are always plenty of reasons why every woman should have one crop sweater in her wardrobe. Firstly, a cropped sweater is less conventional than other sweater styles, meaning it’s great for anyone who wants to switch up her look a bit. Second, it can be worn with so many bottoms and looks especially lovely with a high-waisted skirt (for a more dressy look) and cozy leggings (for something stylish yet comfy).

A Cashmere Sweater

Ah, the classic cashmere sweater. It’s the height of casual elegance and luxury. Every woman deserves the splendid delight of owning a cashmere sweater at least once in her life. It may be the most expensive sweater you own, but it will undoubtedly be an investment that lasts you for years and enhances your style. Within the category of cashmere sweaters, you can find so many types you might like, such as a cozy, decadent cashmere turtleneck . And you can wear a cashmere sweater for virtually all occasions. Just want to feel cozy and luxurious at home? Pull-on a cashmere sweater with your comfiest pants. Going on a romantic date night with your significant other? Wear a cashmere sweater with a pleated midi skirt. It’s elegant, timeless, and will never go out of style.

A Tunic Sweater

Women’s tunic sweaters are fabulous because they're longer than a typical sweater and offer more coverage. So for those extra chilly days when you want to feel like you are wrapped up in a thick, cozy blanket, a tunic sweater is the way to go. Having this sweater style is a must for anything living in a cold climate with cold winters. And within the category of tunic sweaters, you can find various styles, fabrics, and levels of thickness. So if you still like wearing sweaters in the spring, you can find something thinner and more lightweight. And in the fall and winter seasons, you can invest in tunic sweaters made with thicker materials.

A Fleece Sweater

Women’s fleece sweaters are the epitome of coziness. While they may not be the sweater style you would choose for a night out at a fancy restaurant (leave that to cashmere), they are ideal for so many cold-weather activities. Pack a thick fleece sweater if you plan a winter getaway to a quaint cabin in the woods. If you have no intention of leaving your house all day and just want to have a holiday movie marathon, wrap yourself up in a fleece sweater. If you're running errands on a blustery, snowy day, layer up with a fleece sweater. Not only are they among the coziest sweater styles out there, but they are also very much in style and can help you create a trendy outfit.

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