6 Fun Things to Do With the Kids This Spring

6 Fun Things to Do With the Kids This Spring

Pull out a pen and a piece of paper and start getting to work on a bucket list full of unforgettable activities your kiddos can enjoy on spring break this year. Whether you just want to ensure your children have a few fun extracurricular activities they can enjoy outside of school or you are looking for fun activities and events to attend in lieu of a destination spring vacation, look no further. Here are a few examples of fun things your kids will love doing this spring season.

Grow a Garden

If your kids have no fear of getting their hands dirty and even enjoy it, why not do something that is both fun and educational at the same time? Being able to grow a garden is quite a handy skill your kids can really grow to appreciate having, especially once they’re adults. Take the kids on a shopping trip to the store to pick out the seeds of their choice and build a little plot for the garden. A day of digging in the dirt and getting fresh air will be both fun and an excellent learning experience. And in a few weeks’ time, they can reap the rewards of their efforts and have even more fun seeing their little seeds grow into yummy, fresh produce.

Host a Chalk Art Show

Do your kids have any artistic abilities? Do they enjoy painting or drawing pictures? They’ll likely enjoy chalk art just as much. Stock up on plenty of colorful chalk sticks and take to the sidewalk to draw beautiful chalk art. Have your kids invite their friends or the other neighborhood kids to participate. That way, the whole strip of sidewalk can be beautifully decorated with chalk drawings for everyone to appreciate.

Find a New Sport

With the spring season comes the return of warmer weather, and there is no better time to get a break from cabin fever than during the spring. Pack a backpack or canvas tote bag full of supplies, throw on some comfy high-waisted yoga pants, take the kids to the park, and don’t forget a ball of their choice (baseball, soccer ball, basketball, etc.). Have them invite their friends and get a game going so they can run off all that energy. If there is a sport in particular that really seems to stick, it may be a great time to get your young ones into a sports league. Wouldn’t it be great to have your kids running around, getting in healthy exercise, and making new friends while they play a sport they enjoy?

Have a Picnic and Watch the Clouds

Sometimes the simplest activities make the best memories. Nothing is more fitting for a springtime activity than a picnic in the grass under the clouds. Have the kids help you pack a picnic basket full of their favorite foods and quintessential springtime snacks like lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. Head to the nearest park or scenic spot by the lake, lay out a blanket, and unpack your picnic. Digest your delicious meal by laying back and seeing if there are any interesting clouds to spot.

Take a Field Trip to the Farm

If you live in or near a rural area with lots of agriculture, some of the best ways to spend a spring afternoon are out at a farm. Do a Google search to find out if there are any petting zoos in your area or any farms in general that are open to visitors. Get the kids ready for a day of visiting donkeys and petting goats and marveling at beautiful horses or other farm animals. Additionally, you will probably be able to find a farm near you that is open to the public for berry picking. Find out what fruits are in season (like strawberries) and dedicate an afternoon to picking a bushel of fresh fruit at the farm with your kids. After picking fruit, you and the kids can have a delicious berry pie to celebrate all that hard work of berry picking.

Dance and Sing in the Rain

Sometimes you don’t need to plan some extravagant event or even pay a penny to have an unforgettable and wildly fun time. Sometimes the best things in life are free. Like running out into the rain and splashing around in rain puddles. Bundle up in colorful raincoats and rain boots (and a comfy hoodie if you need some extra warmth) and encourage your kids to have as much fun as they’d like dancing, singing, and splashing around in the rain. Get in there and play in the rain with them or snap some candid photos of them laughing and smiling while they play. It’ll likely be a memory you want to preserve for life.

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