Six Flattering Cover-Ups to Wear with a Mastectomy Swimsuit

Six Flattering Cover-Ups to Wear with a Mastectomy Swimsuit

Once you’ve discovered the perfect mastectomy swimsuit, it’s time to start your search for all the complementary essentials, like flattering cover-ups. Get ideas on tips on choosing the most stylish and versatile cover-ups to see you through the summer.

Soft Jersey Sleeveless Cover-Up Dresses

When you’re looking for a comfortable and pretty cover-up that works for any body type, a cotton jersey cover-up dress could be your answer. Not only are these ideal pieces to throw on over your mastectomy swimsuits at the beach or pool, but they are also stylish and versatile enough to go the extra mile. Wear them alone or even with a light summer sweater in the evenings for the perfect cute look. Look for details such as notch necks for style, pockets to keep your essentials, and side vents for added comfort. Contemporary designs like bold florals or geometric beach prints look cool and crisp. If you like your beach cover-ups more on the classic side, look for timeless options such as gingham, stripes, or polka dot patterns.

Maxi Dress Cover-Ups

Pretty and flowing in their designs, maxi dress cover-ups have that perfect blend of boho-chic that will complement your favorite mastectomy swimsuit with ease. Because they have a long, modest length, they are ideal for those looking for a little more coverage or chillier summer evenings. Another bonus of maxi dresses is that the individual style can vary dramatically, so it's easy for any woman to find the look that suits her best. Pretty, polished looks that lightly skim the body and have a modest crew neckline are available alongside more flowy and relaxed styles. These beautiful cover-ups give the freedom to make the look work in a way that’s just your style. Feel like making a splash? Add some funky and flashy flip-flops. Want to keep it more classic? Opt for espadrilles and a wide-brimmed sun hat. The options are endless when it comes to flattering and versatile maxi dress cover-ups with your mastectomy swimsuit.

Fun Terry Cover-Ups Make Terrific Styles

If you need a cover-up that looks and feels incredible, a loose-fitting terry cover-up might just fit the bill. Shorter lengths can give this option a cute feel, and details like hoods and tassels give it an extra boost. Pockets are often a key feature of these cover-ups as well that make them both cute and practical. Consider choices like color-blocked looks or colorful stripes for an appealing way to flatter your mastectomy swimsuit. The look is casual and slightly sporty, so it's perfect for women who are looking for a style that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Another reason why this cover-up style is universally liked is the fabric itself. Terry cover-ups are made with cotton-blend terry cloth fabrics, and high-quality pieces will be so soft, thick, and comfortable that you’ll never want to take them off.

Cool Kaftan-Style Cover-Ups Keep You Looking Fabulous

Loose and flowing, kaftan-style cover-ups are a classic option to wear over a mastectomy swimsuit and are flattering for everyone. Lightweight materials and loose-fitting designs make these easy options to put on over your favorite suit to keep you looking fabulous in a flash. While the flowy design is as comfortable as any casual type of women’s cover-up, it has a natural elegance to it that will boost your confidence anywhere you wear it. Consider pairing it with a cute sun hat and a pair of gladiator sandals for a look you’ll love.

Wrap-Dress Cover-Ups Will Steal the Show

If you want to find a flattering cover-up to wear over a mastectomy swimsuit, another great option to consider is a wrap dress style. These pretty pieces have a subtle sophistication and are designed with a look that makes them attractive on every body type. The design can be adjusted to fit your waist and body to look like it was made for you. The wrap look does double-duty in the style and function department; the wrap means that it will instantly create a flattering hourglass look, while the design itself is easy to take on and off. Look for extra details like ruffled hems for a look that really stands out in the right ways.

Sarong-Style Cover-Ups Offer the Ultimate in Sleek Style

Sarong-style cover-ups are one more popular options that look extremely flattering over mastectomy swimwear. These pieces can be adjusted to look like they have a tailored fit and have that ease and versatility you need in a cover-up. What’s more, they have that unique blend of bold elegance that makes them a master when it comes to sleek style.

Stylish Cover-Ups to Complement Mastectomy Swimwear

Feel confident and beautiful when you choose the cover-ups you love. These are more than just functional pieces; they can also express your personal style and are highly versatile. From rash guards to flowy cover-ups, you can’t go wrong. With all the designs available, you can find a piece that’s as unique as you are.


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