6 Christmas Gifts to Delight Your Hairdresser

6 Christmas Gifts to Delight Your Hairdresser

The holiday season is upon us! The next few weeks will be spent decorating the house, putting up the tree, attending holiday parties, and munching on delicious Christmas cookies and other yummy treats. Oh, and we can’t forget Christmas shopping! That is arguably the holiday activity you will spend the most time doing. From finding gifts for family members, friends, and colleagues, there are likely lots of people on your to-shop-for list. And if you are thinking about getting something special for your hairdresser, consider some of these fantastic Christmas gift ideas that are sure to delight them.

A Spa Gift Certificate

Hairdressers spend their days making clients look and feel amazing. So your hairdresser deserves that same kind of treatment! This Christmas, consider gifting your hairdresser with a gift certificate to her favorite spa. Show your hairdresser how much you appreciate them with a day filled with pedicures, facials, and a hot stone massage. They will feel like a new person after their experience and forever be grateful for such a considerate gift.

A Pedicure Kit

Hairdressers spend most of their day on their feet for hours on end. And at the end of the day, nothing sounds more appealing than slinking into some cozy pajamas, whipping up a delicious, hot meal, pouring a glass of wine, and putting their feet up to enjoy their favorite, binge-worthy tv show. Nobody needs to be told that spending eight hours a day on their feet is exhausting, so why not gift your hairdresser with an at-home pedicure kit and a foot spa? They can rest their sore, tired feet in a warm pool of bubbling water while reading a book or watching a nostalgic movie. You can include other pieces in the gift like Epsom salts to pour into the water, a soothing foot mask, and buttery, fragrant lotions.

A Wine Basket

So long as you know your hairdresser loves a good bottle of wine, a wine basket is a great idea. If they love sampling different wines, you can fill the basket with an assortment of small bottles. If they are picky about their wines, try to find one or two regular-sized bottles for the basket. You can then add yummy snacks and other food that would make great wine pairings, including different cheeses, crackers, meats, and chocolates. If you are the crafty DIY type, you’ll have loads of fun putting together an assorted, colorful, creative wine basket. However, if you don’t feel talented in that department or don’t have a lot of time to do it, you can easily find wine baskets online or in your community sold by a local shop.

Cozy Sleepwear

This plays into what we discussed before: how great it must feel for a hairdresser to come home after a long day at work and put their feet up. You know what would make relaxing even better? Getting them everything they need to relax and feel as comfy as possible. Why not get your hairdresser a luxuriously soft flannel pajama set that they can look forward to putting on at the end of the day? Or perhaps they might enjoy a women’s robe they can wrap themselves up in. Don’t forget something to keep their feet warm, like shearling fur-lined moccasin slippers.

A Gift Card to Her Favorite Place to Shop

Most people really enjoy receiving a gift card for Christmas because it allows them to pick out something they will actually like. And this takes out the risky guesswork you’d normally have to do if you were just going to buy them an actual product. If you were thinking of getting them some kind of clothing item, you would have to first figure out what their measurements are. With a gift card, you wouldn’t have to worry about that at all. Find out where your hairdresser loves to shop for things like clothing or home goods and surprise them with a gift card to their store. You don’t have to do much work, and they will be delighted to have something that allows them to pick out what they want.

A Gift Card to Their Favorite Restaurant

Another great gift card idea is a gift card to their favorite restaurant. If you don’t know what that is, put your Sherlock Holmes hat on and try to figure out where they love to eat. If they don’t have a preference, get them a gift card to a trendy, upscale eatery in your local community. This way, you are supporting a small, local business and treating your hairdresser to a memorable experience and great food.

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