6 Care Tips for Your Favorite Fleece

6 Care Tips for Your Favorite Fleece

It’s important with any article of clothing to take proper care to get the most use out of your entire wardrobe collection. This is especially true for any of your fleece items. Whether it’s a beloved fleece blanket or your go-to fleece jacket you love to wrap up in on a chilly autumn day, you can keep your fleece garments in great condition with a few simple care tips. In this post, we will take a look at some care tips you should use to preserve the quality of your favorite fleece items.

Wash Correctly

Washing a fleece blanket or article of clothing incorrectly can result in the loss of its softness over time. Obviously, the thick, soft texture of fleece material is what makes a fleece so lovely in the first place, so we’re sure you don’t want to lose that! To start, make sure to read the care instructions on the label before you do any washing. Some items like fleece jackets or fleece vests may need to be washed differently than others. If there’s no label on your fleece, stick to general fleece care guidelines. You don’t want to overwash fleece; only do it when it absolutely needs cleaning. Secondly, only wash fleece items with other fleece items. Set your water temperature to cool and wash on a delicate cycle. The detergent you use should be gentle and only put in the required amount (never any more than that). Avoid fabric softeners and bleach as the ingredients in these products can be too harsh on fleece and damage fleece fibers.

Treating Spots and Removing Lint

If you have any stains on your fleece items, especially white fleece, you will want to use a spot treatment before throwing everything in the washing machine. You can use a mild detergent or dish soap on the stained area before soaking it in colder water. Let the stained area sit for 15 minutes before putting the fleece in the washer. Never rub the stain (since this will cause the stain to spread to the rest of the fleece); instead, dab the stained area with a sponge. Also, you can make washing your fleece items thoroughly easier by using a lint roller on your fleece blankets and clothing beforehand. A lint roller will remove any extra lint particles or dirt before you run it through the washing machine.

Washing Fleece Clothing

As we mentioned earlier, any time you wash fleece clothing items, you should always wash them with other fleece clothing items (not other fabrics). You should also only wash like colors with like, just as you would with any other clothing item. If you are washing a women’s fleece jacket with a zipper, make sure the zipper is up first. Always turn your clothes inside out as well. Finally, fleece items with drawstrings (such as a hoodie) should have the drawstring tucked into the garment, so they don’t get loose in the washer.

Drying Your Fleece Garments

Drying fleece requires as much care as washing fleece. Again, you want to check the garment label before you do anything with it. If the blanket or clothing item can be tumble dried, do that without any heat. You never want to use heat when drying fleece because it can ruin the material. Also, if you are drying in the machine, avoid using dryer sheets because, like fabric softeners, they can damage the fleece fibers. If you prefer to dry without a machine (or your fleece materials can’t be dried in the machine), hang the items out to dry on a clothesline outside or a drying rack indoors. Lastly, try not to iron your fleece items since heat is not good for the material, and by avoiding an iron, you can preserve the fleece softness for longer. Bonus tip: if you notice piling start to happen on your fleece items, try a fabric shaver.

Giving Your Fleece Garments New Life

Have some fleece items like a women's fleece sweater that have been around for quite some time, but you’re not quite ready to part ways with them? No need! There are things you can do to revive them and get even more use out of them. To remove odors, include some white vinegar in your washing. Secondly, make sure to store your fleece items properly in a cotton sack instead of plastic bags. Finally, to give your fleece that fluffy, new look, use a fleece brush.

Hand Wash

An alternative to washing in cold water in the machine is hand washing your fleece garments. Use a bathtub or large sink so water can seep into every part of the fabric and really get it clean. Pour a gentle detergent into the cold water and let the materials soak for 20 minutes. Squeeze the fabric and rinse to remove residue that can get caught in the fibers. Use these care tips to enjoy your fleeces for even longer!

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