Single Man’s Travel Guide: What To Pack for Your Fall Business Trip to Hong Kong

Single Man’s Travel Guide: What to Pack for Your Fall Business Trip to Hong Kong

One of the best things about work is getting to travel to new places for business. You get to check out the scenery and explore a new place, all while getting paid to do your job. But business travel can also be stressful, especially when you're alone. Part of this can be deciding what and how to pack. If you’re a single man traveling, we’ve compiled this list of packing tips for your trip to Hong Kong this fall so you can have your best business trip ever. You’ll be prepared for business, leisure, and everything in between!

Warm and Humid Weather

Fall is the perfect time to visit Hong Kong because the weather is amazing! It’s warm in the day and cools down at night, with temperatures typically staying in the 70-80 degree range. It’s a balmy, humid climate: think lush. While there might be a few rainy days, you’re avoiding the monsoon season by visiting in the fall. You can easily pack for Hong Kong’s climate with comfortable pants, t-shirts, and other light layers. Light layers are the key to any successful packing list. Think of it like your own travel capsule wardrobe. You can start with the basics and dress up or down for any occasion. For your top layer, men’s rain jackets are light and easy to carry and wear, and can keep you dry in case of the odd rainy day. You probably won’t need much more as it stays pretty warm and humid.

Work Days

For work days, men’s chambray shirts are great because they’re light, comfortable, and breathable on even the most humid days. You can pair chambray and other work shirts with khakis, jeans, or work pants you’re bringing for getting out and exploring, too. Bring your best pair of work shoes and a light business jacket or a cardigan. Be sure to pack an extra work outfit in your carry-on just in case! You never know what might happen with luggage on international flights, and it never hurts to be prepared for anything your trip might throw at you.


When you’re not at work or business meetings, you’ll want to get out and see all the exciting sites Hong Kong has to offer! Comfortable, wearable fabrics like chambray, cotton, and linen will be ideal for long, sweaty days spent in the countryside or zipping through the city streets. Hong Kong has so much to offer—from hiking in the mountains to boating, wandering through markets, and just hanging out in the city. You can plan to pack for specific activities ahead of time. Footwear is important, like men’s boots for hiking, or comfortable walking shoes for exploring the city, or sandals for the beach. Pack one to two pairs of shoes for your travels outside of your dress shoes for work.

Local Customs, Taboos, and No-No’s

As usual, packing for a trip abroad is more intensive than packing for a domestic trip. Make sure you do your research beforehand, as certain norms for us might be lost in translation. Check out different styles of men’s shorts that are comfortable for hot or humid days abroad.

Remember, you’re in another country with unique customs and standards, so read up on local customs ahead of time and dress accordingly. You can check guidebooks out from your local library, or go on the internet to do extra research before you leave about customs and norms in the areas you'll be heading to.

Prioritize Comfort

Whatever you choose to pack, make sure you’re emphasizing comfort. Picture it. You’re on a beautiful hike through the countryside, but your shoes are too tight and distracting you from your adventure. There’s nothing worse than your clothes getting in the way of your trip, so bring wearable, versatile attire you can get a lot of use out of! Since you’re traveling for work you don’t have to worry about being too stylish—it’s all about practical comfort on this trip.

While traveling to a foreign country for a business trip can be a daunting task, packing doesn’t have to be! Make your packing list early and ahead of time so that you can ensure you’ll have everything you need. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip to Hong Kong!


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