Simple Tips to Reorganize and Refresh Your Closets

Simple Tips to Reorganize and Refresh Your Closets

Most of us likely have a love-hate relationship with our closets. They are great for storing things but can quickly turn into a black hole, where once-loved items are lost and forgotten. Especially if you have kids, keeping your closets in order may feel like a never-ending struggle. If you're starting to feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your closets or can't seem to find things you could swear you stored away, it's probably time for a little reorganizing and refreshing. Follow these few simple pro tips to declutter those closets in no time!

Deep Clean

The first step to reorganizing and refreshing a closet is to pull everything out and give the actual closet a deep clean. Whether you've stored clothing, shoes, towels, winter coats, or kids' toys in there, pull it all out and lay it in a pile on a bed, sofa, or table. The sorting will come later. For now, focus on cleaning the closet. Though most closets have doors, they can still harbor dust, mold, and dander over time. Get out your cleaning supplies and give everything in there a good scrub.

If you have outdated shelves or drawers and are up for a fun DIY home project over the weekend, consider updating your shelving to give your closet a fresh look and feel. This can also help in the reorganizing process: you can design shelves that better match how you organize. You can also paint, add wallpaper, or anything else to freshen up your closet before filling it up again.

Declutter and Donate

Once everything is out of the closet and in a big pile, it's time for the purge. Go through everything that was in the closet and sort the items into piles. Aim to have at least three piles: one for items you love and want to keep, one for things you'll maybe keep, and one for things you plan to give away. Some people struggle with this step, which is understandable. A good rule of thumb is if you don't immediately think "yes" when picking up an item, perhaps it's time to consider if it's something you still need.

It's good to do a declutter once a year to ensure that your closet doesn't get overwhelmed with things you don’t need anymore. This includes last season's summer dress trend that you're not sure you'll wear again, old sheets you don't use anymore, or clothes that your kids have outgrown.

The good thing is, many people love hand-me-downs. Bring items you want to give away to consignment shops, donate them, or give them away to friends or other kids in school. For items that you don't often use but still want to keep, pack them up and label the boxes

Linen Closets

If you're not careful, linen closets can become a complete mess. You may see fitted sheets tangled with top sheets or pillowcases muddled with washcloths. And it can be a struggle to find a matching set of linens. When organizing your linen closet, use canvas storage bins or labeled cubbies to help keep everything neat, tidy, and easy to find.

Organizers and Labels

This leads us to our next simple tip on how to reorganize and refresh your closets. Canvas bins or storage baskets are your best friend when trying to maintain order in your closets. Even for something as messy as a kid's closet, adding bins or labeled cubbies can help to tame some of the chaos. Trust us, it's a game-changer. Use different bins and baskets to corral your items, whether linens, toys, or clothing items.

Labels can be integrated into your closet system even without bins and baskets. Simply print out stickers or write on stickers the names of your different closet sections and stick them on the shelves. For example, keep all the women's jeans together with one label and lounge pants folded over another label. Even if this tip doesn't have the same barriers that baskets and bins do, it will at least spark your organizational skills when putting things away.

Scents and Cedar

Wardrobe and closet scented sachets are nothing new, but they can refresh the whole feel of your closet. So stash a few sachets filled with different dried herbs and flowers in your closet. You can choose from lovely smells like lavender, eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, sandalwood, rose, and cedar. And every time you open those closet doors, you'll catch a whiff of whatever scent you chose.

Aside from averting smells of mustiness, these fresheners have the added perk of protecting your clothes and linens from moths and other pests. Cedar sachets and planks are particularly effective and are great to include in closets that house wool, silks, and cashmere sweaters, which are prone to moths.

Seasonal Clothes

Another great tip to keep your closets organized and refreshed is to rotate seasonal clothes and linens. Use storage bags to swap out flannel sheets in the summer and swap in linen sheets for the warmer months. Similarly, store summer clothes during the winter months and winter coats during the warmer times of the year.

A few smart and simple tips can make all the difference when you're cleaning out, reorganizing, and refreshing the closets in your house.

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