Women's Guide to Finding the Perfect Cardigan

Women's Guide to Finding the Perfect Cardigan

Cardigans are, for many women, the ultimate choice for sweater wear. With their transitional style, women’s cardigan sweaters can be worn buttoned up for a more conservative look, or open, for a laid-back and casual style. And their varying thicknesses and fabrics can be worn through any season. When shopping for the perfect cardigan, there’s plenty to consider like temperature and weather, the occasion, and, of course, personal style.

Wear these chic women’s sweaters over a similar shade cami top for a timeless classic look, or pair them over a sparkly and embellished top to make your outfit more appropriate at a moment’s notice. Here’s a guide to shopping for the best women's cardigans.

Choosing the Right Women’s Cardigan Sweater

When choosing the right women’s cardigan sweater, whether it’s for you or someone you care about, there’s a lot to consider. A good rule of thumb or idea when shopping for others is to look at their style and search for something that would speak to them. Are they more classic? Are they more casual and comfortable? Cardigans are ultimately versatile, and because they can be worn in all weather, from frigid cold winters layered underneath coats and outerwear, to over the summer, casually draped over the shoulders, they are the perfect year-round gift. Remember the climate, style, and preferences for whomever you are shopping, and you will easily find the right cardigan sweaters.

Cashmere Cardigans for Women

Women’s cashmere cardigans are the luxurious version of these otherwise simple and basic sweaters. Made with a luxe fiber, cashmere has earned a rep for being amongst the softest fabrics in the world. They are lightweight, yet adapt to cold weather by locking in heat and warmth without the heavy layers. Cashmere cardigans make beautiful gifts for your loved ones as they come in a variety of shades and styles, from casual long-sleeve to short-sleeve cardigans. Cashmere sweaters are also instantly recognizable with their ultra-soft touch and cozy appearance. Pair your cashmere sweater with slacks or a more formal skirt for a special occasion, or wear it with jeans and boots for a casual cold-day look.

Open-Front Women’s Cardigans

Open-front cardigans are casual and easy to wear, not to mention extremely comfortable. Unlike traditional cardigans, this more laid-back style stays effortlessly open, perfect to wear with simple camis or embellished tops underneath. Open-front cardigans are easy to wear for any occasion and can easily be dressed up or down by adding a long, sparkly necklace. For a cozy and comfortable winter look, we recommend sizing up in these cardigans and pairing them with a simple cami and leggings for a look that’s perfect for lounging indoors with slippers, or it can be worn with winter boots for a look that can go almost anywhere during the winter. Unlike the more conservative traditional cardigan, this open-front version is casual and can be worn with almost anything.

Wrap Cardigans

A classic twist on traditional button-up cardigans, wrap cardigans can be closed with a simple belt closure. They are classic and chic, and they really focus on the waist, showing off your figure. A bit more modern, these wrap cardigans look gorgeous with everything from a simple chic cocktail dress to an easy pair of black women’s jeans. Because these cardigans feature such a classic and cinched look, they can be dressed up or down and worn to more formal occasions for a polished and elegant style.

What to Wear with Your Cardigans

Because cardigans can be worn for almost any event, as they are versatile and come in a variety of colors, they can be added to any combination and look great. For a more formal event or special occasion, pair a cardigan in a neutral color like black or camel with a simple cocktail dress to cover the shoulders and arms. This is an easy way to make an outfit more conservative, whether it’s for church or a professional event. You can also dress cardigans down simply by pairing them with a pair of casual jeans and a cardigan underneath. Add your own sense of style with embellishments and jewelry, whether it be a sparkly top underneath or an added necklace. Another fun and entirely practical way to wear a cardigan is on a summer night. If there is a chilly breeze, simply wrap a cardigan over your shoulders for later. This way you always have the option to add a layer.

With these simple tips, it will be easy to find the perfect cardigan for any occasion you can wear year-round.


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