A Guide to Shopping for Men’s Big & Tall Swimwear

A Guide to Shopping for Men’s Big & Tall Swimwear

In the past, finding the right swimwear as a big and tall man may have been a challenge. Fortunately, times have changed, and the number of available options has exploded. Clothing companies around the world now offer options for every body type, but that might mean finding a new way to shop. Since you might not be accustomed to having so many swimwear choices at your disposal, you might be confused about how to find the right pair. Not to worry! This essential guide to shopping for men’s big and tall swimwear will make finding the right pair of big and tall shorts.

Keep reading to learn how to shop for big and tall swimwear.

Know Your Measurements

There’s a common misconception that big and tall men should just pick bigger sizes. But going that route could lead to clothes that fit poorly, whether it’s big and tall dress shirts or swimwear. That’s why knowing your measurements is essential to finding the perfect fit.

Luckily, getting your measurements is easy, and it’s something you can do in the comfort of your home. So what measurements should you take down for swimwear? There are a few you should know, but perhaps the most important is your height. Knowing exactly how tall you are is a good starting point for men’s big and tall pants or swim trunks.

Knowing these three measurements will ensure that you get the right length of trunks or board shorts, which you can read more about below.

Get the Right Length

When you know the measurements listed above, it will be easier for you to choose the right length of swim shorts. Getting this detail right is important because it will give you the room you need for a full range of motion.

For shorts, many big and tall men choose a pair that stops right above the knee. But other options are available, like men’s swim trunks that hit mid-thigh. Ultimately, the length you choose is up to you. Just be sure they are designed for big and tall men so that they fit properly.

Choose Comfort

Make sure to get swimwear specifically for big & tall men for the most comfort. The last thing you want is a pair of shorts that’s too short or too tight in some areas. If things aren’t fitting right, it can limit how well you can move and put a damper on your enjoyment.

However, the size of your shorts isn’t the only factor that determines how comfortable you are. You also want to choose the right materials, fit, and closures. Try to find swimwear that has adjustable waistbands for comfort you can control. Depending on your preference, you can also go with men’s elastic waistband pants or drawstring trunks.

Making sure your swim trunks have a little stretch in the fabric is also a great way to guarantee you’re comfortable all day long.

Aim for Versatility

Tall men’s clothing has come a long way, especially swimwear. Instead of just wearing them for fun in the sun, you can find options that you can take from the beach to the backyard to anywhere else you go!

There are men’s athletic short options that are made of quick-dry and water-repelling fabrics that will make your swimwear more versatile. You can also choose shorts with features like cargo pockets and cell phone pockets to make them easier to wear whenever, wherever.

Focus on Quality

When it comes to clothing, the importance of quality can’t be emphasized enough, especially for big and tall men. First, your clothing is an investment, and often, big and tall clothing can cost more simply because it requires more material and time to construct.

Secondly, you want your swimwear to last. There’s nothing worse than wearing something a few times only to find that it already has holes, tears, or loose threads. You can avoid going through board shorts and swim trunks too often by choosing a pair that is made of fabric that’s resistant to UV rays. This feature helps to ensure that the colors don’t fade quickly and the material doesn’t break down after only a couple of wears.

Find Your Style

Just because you’re big & tall doesn’t mean there’s no room for style. You can still express yourself with high-quality swimwear that will suit your personality no matter your size. Plus, there’s no better time to throw in a bright color or attention-grabbing pattern than summertime.

You can also use your swimwear with other apparel like men’s water shoes to complete your poolside look.

Shopping for men’s big and tall swimwear doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just follow these tips to find the perfect fit whether you’re shopping online or at a store.


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