Shopping for an Adults Only Getaway Weekend

Shopping for an adults-only getaway weekend

Lucky you, planning for a weekend getaway with your spouse or partner! Especially with the external stressors of this modern life, the opportunity to get away from it all with your special person is one to savor. It’s likely that you want to make your getaway fun, memorable and romantic. Shopping for a new outfit or two will help you get excited to look and feel your best on your getaway, and allow you to think about nothing but connecting with your partner.

So what should you look for? What kind of shopping should you do ahead of an adults-only getaway weekend? That’s a loaded question, because some people get to take a romantic weekend in Paris and some people go camping in the nearest wilderness and some people go to a basic hotel in the next town. All of those situations are different, so we are going to imagine a scenario wherein a couple is going to stay in a bed and breakfast in an artsy little town an hour or two outside of their metropolitan area. You can take the general ideas we explore here regarding how to shop and how to pack for this kind of getaway, and adapt it to your romantic weekend, whether that is kayaking or jetting to Bermuda.

Shopping for daytime

If you’re heading to a quaint town with a good art scene, you’ll definitely want to spend some time checking out the galleries and boutiques. It gives you a good chance to look at arts, crafts and antiques with your partner, which can spur conversation and connection. Look especially good and feel confident by treating yourself to a new outfit for this day. You want to look casual but polished, and depending on your aesthetic you may prefer to lean more Preppy or elegant or bohemian—that is up to you! Perhaps you would feel great in black skinny jeans and a slouchy cashmere sweater layered over a women’s chambray shirt, worn with chunky gold jewelry and leopard-print smoking slippers, or maybe you would rather go for a casual fit-and flare dress you can pair with canvas sneakers and your favorite cross-body bag. Gentlemen, you might select a button-up or sweater in your partner’s favorite color, or include a specific element you know they love in your ensemble, such as a sport coat or scarf. Shop for something that will help you feel great about yourself, so that you will feel relaxed and flirty with your partner.

Shopping for evening

You may opt to eat dinner out at a romantic little Italian restaurant or have a private supper served in your room, but either way, dress for dinner! It’s an old-fashioned nicety that will help make your getaway special. Consider shopping for a new Little Black Dress; they are available in myriad styles, always look fabulous, and can definitely be worn again! Wearing something new and special can help you feel special, and that will make your romantic dinner all the more intimate and enjoyable. Wear a few touches of sparkly jewelry, and if you have a piece of jewelry from your partner that works with this ensemble, wear it! This is a beautiful chance to show your appreciation for the piece and reminisce about that period of your relationship. Add in a pretty set of flats or heels, and you'll be all set. Gentlemen, consider wearing a dark shirt for evening. A button-up dress shirt in black, charcoal, navy or burgundy can elevate your everyday dress pants a bit, and help you feel extra-polished.

Shopping for night

Ladies may want to select new lingerie, while men might decide this is the perfect time to finally indulge in the silk robe they have been eyeing! Besides alluring loungewear and nightwear, you’ll want to pick up a few things to make your nights memorable. Most establishments frown on guests lighting candles, so pick up a battery-operated flameless candle. Its soft light can establish a relaxed mood. Pack a hamper of champagne, cheese, crackers and fruits—or hoagies and BBQ chips, no judgement!—so that you can have a private late-night snack or just stay in indefinitely if that’s how you want to spend your getaway. Include an indulgent dessert or your partner’s favorite sweet to show extra consideration. Your partner will love it!

Shopping for an adults-only getaway weekend is part of the fun of the getaway; take your time in selecting an outfit for your days spent enjoying each other’s company, your evenings spent enjoying a romantic dinner and nights spent enjoying each other. Look for outfits and ensembles that help you feel your flirty, alluring best so that you can connect with your partner from a place of joy and confidence.

Packing List for an adults-only getaway weekend

* Two cute outfits for exploring the town, shopping, having lunch

* One evening outfit, specifically something alluring that your partner hasn’t seen before

* Loungewear, nightwear,or lingerie and slippers for maximum luxury and attraction

* Flameless candles, room fragrance, massage oil. . . whatever sets the mood for you both

* Food and drinks for a late-night snack or indoor picnic


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