4 Ways to Style a Shirt Dress in the Spring

4 Ways to Style a Shirt Dress in the Spring

Shirt dresses are easily some of the most stylish and versatile pieces a woman can wear. They make a sensible addition to the closet, if only so that you always have something to grab and wear when you’re in a bit of a hurry. Even when you aren’t pressed for time, though, the ubiquitous shirt dress is a practical choice because it’s so easy to style.

It’s also simple to dress up or down. Whether you’re going somewhere special or are taking a more casual approach for the day but don’t want to head out in jeans and a T-shirt, the shirt dress makes a fabulous, fashionable alternative. It’s not only versatile, but also easy to style in countless ways. No matter what’s on your agenda, you can make this comfortable dress work wonders for you. Here are a few styling ideas to keep in mind for spring.

Keep Things Fresh and Sporty

Is there anything better than venturing out on a sunny day in a cool, laid-back outfit? While women’s shorts and T-shirts are standard warm weather wear, you can step outside of that ultra-casual zone and take things in a slightly dressier direction with a shirt dress. But how can you ensure that it doesn’t look too “done?”

It’s simple — just take the sporty route. Step into a pair of trendy chunky sneakers or running shoes. Throw on a baseball cap and you’ll be ready to brave any windy day with ease. If you need a little extra coverage as it grows brisk outside, grab a denim jacket before you head out the door. It’s the perfect complement to an understated ensemble like this, and you can always tie it around your waist or shoulders if you choose not to wear it.

Give It a Dressy Touch

Shirt dresses are popular largely because they’re so versatile. You can just as easily wear one on date night as you can to the office. If you’re dressing for a special occasion, the right accessories can make all the difference and give your women’s dress a dressy edge. Whether your dress is solid or patterned, a few key extra pieces, like jewelry, a belt, or a light scarf, have the power to transform the outfit into something a little more polished.

Slip on a chunky bangle or two, for example, and pull your hair back into a loose chignon. Try a pair of dangling earrings if you want to elevate the sparkle factor. Don’t forget the matching clutch! A dazzling metallic accent sets the tone beautifully. To complete this look and lend it a relatively cohesive appearance from top to bottom, finish the outfit with a pair of low-profile wedges in a metallic shade that matches the clutch.

Layer It Over Your Leggings

On a cooler spring day, you may find that layers are essential if you want to step outside in a shirt dress. Thankfully, a great pair of leggings is all that you need to brave the slightly lower temperatures without sacrificing your amazing sense of style. You usually can’t go wrong with black, especially if your dress is a different color or features a pattern that you want to play up.

Add a pair of booties if it’s particularly chilly out there. Otherwise, sandals or ballet flats work beautifully. If you want to create a more streamlined look from top to bottom, try belting the dress to cinch your waist. Then slip a slender cardigan on top. The effect is sleek and flawless, and you could potentially even wear it to the office if your dress code isn’t particularly strict.

Wear It Open With Jeans

The added benefit of shirt dresses is that they give you complete flexibility and creative freedom. Wear it just as it is, or step outside of your comfort zone and try something just a little bit different. On an easy, breezy day that calls for something fun and casual, throw your shirt dress on over a light tank top and pull on your favorite pair of women’s jeans.

Unexpected? It definitely is, but that’s what you’re going for as you maximize the value of your shirt dress and discover the many ways it can transform your wardrobe. Depending on your style, you can choose a short, midi, or long shirt dress, which all provide unique looks when it comes to pairing it with denim. You may want a colorful and vibrant dress to offset the neutrality of blue denim and a simple white tee, or create a dramatic look by pairing black jeans with an open black dress and a metallic top underneath. The styling combinations are nearly endless.

The sky is the limit when it comes to styling your shirt dress. Comfortable, effortless, and versatile, this women’s wardrobe essential is the perfect piece to complete any well-rounded wardrobe.


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