7 Ways to Brighten Your Home in the New Year

7 Ways to Brighten Your Home in the New Year

The New Year is a great time to start anew, change things up a bit, and take stock of every area of your life to see if there are some things you can improve. This goes for your home too! If you are itching to do a little feng shui, clear out the clutter, or add new updates to your home, you are in the right place. In this post, we will look at a few ways you can brighten your home in the new year and instantly transform your space.

Style an Empty Fireplace

If you have a fireplace sitting empty in your home, utilize that space! You would be amazed by how a few quick touches can make your empty, unused fireplace quite an appealing feature in your home. You can add a few logs and place candles on them to give it a classic fireplace feel, or you can utilize that space differently by adding little pieces of art or pottery. This will give it a very textured look and brighten up the formally unused, empty space.

Give Your Windows New Treatments

If you have had the same curtains or blinds on your windows for a while, you can make the spaces in your home look a lot different with new window treatments. If you like a polished, minimalist look, go for white shades or long white drapes. If you have bare, white walls in your home and want to add fresh, new color, you might like floral print drapes or turquoise curtains, or blinds.

Style Your Bookshelf

There are plenty of ways to show off the books on your bookshelf in eye-catching, stylized ways. If you have empty spaces on your bookshelf, fill them with a flower pot, a piece of pottery, or other décor accents. If you have many books that you want to organize, coordinate them by color to transform your bookshelf into a beautiful rainbow.

Give Yourself a Nook…Any Kind of Nook

Have you always loved the idea of a breakfast nook or a reading nook? Seize the day and set one up this New Year’s! If you have space in your kitchen, preferably by a window or in an unused corner, set up a small breakfast table with a few chairs. You don’t need an already existing nook in your house in order to have a nook of your own. Simply designate a certain area in your home to act as the nook and set it up with small furniture pieces.

For a reading nook, find some space in your living room, den, or another area of your home (it could even be in your bedroom), and set up a small sofa or rocking chair used for reading. You can style it with a throw pillow or two, a throw blanket, and small décor pieces to make the space more inviting.

Give Your Foyer an Update

The entrance of your home is one of the first things your house guests will see, so it’s worth making this space one that gives a good impression. If your foyer is in need of a fresh, new look, tackle that project this New Year’s. You can create an impressive entranceway without expending too much effort or money. You can also shop at vintage stores to find art pieces or furnishings that will work well in an entranceway. Other things you could add include a new rug, a small console table, or your favorite portraits.

Update Our Throw Pillows

One small but effective way to update the look of a room in your house is by swapping out the old throw pillows for new throw pillows. You don’t need an entirely new bed set or sofa to get a new look. It’s much more affordable to add fresh, new throw pillows that add a pop of color to a room.

Show Your Bathroom Some Love

You don’t need to update every room in your home to get a new look. In fact, for most people, that would simply be too time-consuming and too expensive. Start by just updating one room in your home in small ways. A bathroom is a great place to start, whether it’s your guest bathroom, your master bathroom, or both. Swap out old towels for softer, fluffier, newer bath towels. Update your soap dispenser, get a new shower curtain, or add a piece of art to a wall. These little touches go a long way. If you want to do a little more, consider giving your walls a fresh paint job or creating an accent wall with wallpaper.

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