Best Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Skin from the Sun

Best Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Skin from the Sun

Having sensitive skin can be a challenge, but you can be proactive to avoid putting a damper on your summer fun. Some advance preparation can help you stay active and have the freedom to enjoy it all. Here's how to protect your skin from the sun this summer.

Avoid Sun During Peak Hours

It’s a good precaution for everyone, but one that is especially good for those with sensitive skin: Avoid being in direct sunlight during peak daylight hours, typically between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. During this time period, the sun’s rays can be harsher, and your skin could suffer as a result. If you must be exposed to the sun during these hours, use sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply as needed for protection.

Use The Right Products

Sunscreen and other skin products are essential during the summer months, but finding the right ones isn’t always easy. For your best protection, consider the following when purchasing summer skin products:

Sunscreen That Works (But Won’t Irritate)

Dermatologists typically recommend those with sensitive skin use sunscreens that help ward off damaging rays without undue irritation. Look for sunscreens that have physical blockers, such as zinc or titanium dioxide. There are numerous products on the market with these ingredients, from light and moisturizing facial sunscreens to all-over body sunscreens enhanced with vitamins or nourishing oils. Be sure to read reviews to find the best products on the market to protect your sensitive skin. Beauty editors from major magazines often test out the season’s newest sunscreens, so you can find quality products that will keep you protected and soothe your skin. You’ll also want to have the right level of SPF in a broad-spectrum sunscreen –the general recommendation is 30 SPF or above.

Wear Light, Breathable Layers

Summer can bring on the heat, but you can stay cool, comfortable, and protected with breezy layers that are stylish and safe. Choose lightweight layers that will allow your skin to breathe but help block the sun, like a light women's summer shirt. Avoid clothing materials that will trap sweat and moisture and ultimately, irritate the skin. Cotton, linen, chambray, and rayon blends are good choices. Look for fabrics that aren’t made with harsh dyes or chemicals.

Look for Sun Protection Swimwear and Clothing

Another way you can help keep your sensitive skin happy during the summer months is by looking for apparel and swimwear that is made using protective fabrics. Sun protection swimwear like rash guards provide a great barrier that doesn’t require a lot of fuss–you’ll automatically know that your skin is protected whenever you wear these items. Just keep in mind that whatever skin is not covered by the clothing or your women's swimwear will need to be protected another way, such as sunscreen, shade, or lightweight clothing.

Seek Shade When Possible

While it isn’t always possible to avoid the sun entirely, seeking shaded areas when it is can help cut back on irritation from the sun, sweat, and more. Bring an oversized umbrella or tent to provide shade at the beach, set up picnics in areas shaded by trees, or look for pavilions or other structures that will provide a reprieve from the sun and hot temperatures.

Use Accessories to Protect Your Skin

Seeking a stylish way to keep your sensitive skin protected this summer? Turn to accessories to get the job done! From glamorous sun hats to sporty ball caps, there are tons of options to keep you cool and your sun protected. Look for items like:

  • Individual umbrellas or parasols for shade (keep them tucked in canvas totes for when you need them)
  • Camping or beach chairs with overhead accessories for shade
  • Large straw or woven sun hats
  • Visors, caps, or brimmed hats
  • Large sunglasses (look for styles with UV protection)
  • A long-sleeved cover-up dress or lightweight button-up tops to wear over bathing suits
  • Maxi skirts or long maxi dresses to cover skin without extra weight or heat

Treat Irritation Immediately

If your skin becomes sunburned, irritated, or inflamed, treat the problem immediately to prevent it from getting worse. Use natural products such as aloe vera or unscented natural lotions on mildly irritated or sunburned skin. Take cool baths and showers to prevent additional irritation. If the issue was caused by a certain product, read ingredient labels to look for the culprit and avoid using similar products. Avoid additional sun exposure on irritated skin to prevent the problem from worsening.

Happy Skin All Summer

By taking precautions and treating trouble as soon as possible, you can stay on top of sensitive skin issues and enjoy your summer. Try these simple steps to keep your sensitive skin at ease so you can have a happy, healthy, and fun summer.


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