The 3 Secrets to Styling Dress Pants that Every Professional Should Know

The 3 Secrets to Styling Dress Pants that Every Professional Should Know

There’s a certain kind of confidence and feeling of self-assurance that accompanies a good ensemble. Especially when it comes to getting ready for a day in the office, taking the time to put together a comfortable and professional outfit is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Perhaps one of the top must-have professional wardrobe items for both men and women is a few good pairs of dress pants. Many offices and companies have a dress code that requires a certain level of professionalism, and women’s dress pants and men’s dress pants are a great way to accomplish that look. 

Take a look at our top three secrets to styling dress pants that every professional should know to help you feel like you’re at the top of your game at work.

1. Fit and Style Make a Difference

The first secret to keep in mind is that having the right fit and style makes a huge difference! Just picking any old pair of women’s pants or men’s pants isn’t going to guarantee comfort, which is definitely something you want when looking for dress pants.

One great way to find a good fit and style is to make sure your dress pants are properly hemmed. This works wonders for helping you look sharp. Quite a few of our dress pants have a tailoring option, something you’ll want to consider taking advantage of when stocking up on workplace attire.

2. A Monochromatic Color Scale

Our next secret for styling dress pants is to put together a monochromatic ensemble. We’re not just talking about your basic black pantsuit (although that can look incredibly classic). We’re talking about keeping one color in mind for your ensemble. 

This could look like a bold pair of red trousers paired with a red women’s blouse in the same hue. It could also be a pair of navy dress pants with a light blue men’s button-down shirt. Keeping every item in your outfit the same color, even if it varies a bit in shade, is a great way to keep things simple and professional while still managing to make a statement.

3. Know How to Dress it Down

Our last secret to styling dress pants? Knowing how to dress them down. Perhaps it’s for casual Friday, or maybe your office doesn’t have as strict of a dress code as other corporate settings. Whatever the reason, knowing how to properly wear dress pants in a casual setting is a must for every professional.

One of our favorite ways to do this is to wear your dress pants with a denim button-up and some Oxfords. This is still a perfectly professional pairing, but with a more relaxed feel. You could go even more casual by throwing on a women’s T-shirt and some flats or slip-on sneakers with your dress pants.

What Different Styles of Women’s Dress Pants Are There?

Straight Leg

You may have guessed from the name, straight-leg pants feature a silhouette that runs straight down. This is an incredibly classic cut and is known for being one of the more comfortable dress-pant styles. You’ll often find this style in women’s chino pants.

Slim Leg

As the name suggests, slim-leg pants have a more tapered cut to them, riding closer to your legs all the way down. They’re known for their fitted look and have a more narrow leg opening to maintain that slim look.


Bootcut pants have stood the test of time and are a very popular choice for dress-pant styles. They are fitted at the thighs and feature a bit of a flare starting at the knee. While they certainly accommodate boots, keep in mind that any kind of footwear is perfect to pair with bootcut women’s khaki pants!

Ankle Length

Ankle-length dress pants have made a recent appearance on the dress-pant stage, and professional women everywhere are loving the flattering cut. They hit right at the ankle, creating a slimming look that pairs well with just about anything.

What Different Styles of Men’s Dress Pants Are There?


Plain men’s dress pants run straight down the front. A good pair of plain men’s khaki pants are an easy must-have in any professional men's work wardrobe.


As the name suggests, men’s pleated pants have pleats that run down the front of the pant legs. There’s nothing like a crisp pleat in your dress pants to help you look professional and put together.

Elastic Waist

Men’s elastic waisted dress pants are known for being incredibly comfortable. The elastic waist helps provide a little extra stretch, making it easier to put together outfits for work that look professional while still providing comfort.

Stock Up on the Essentials

When it comes to getting the right pieces for your work wardrobe, you’re looking for items that will accommodate your personal style and help you feel great during your time in the office. Getting the right dress pants and styling them well is a surefire way to make this happen.

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