The Right Way to Wear Animal Prints

The Right Way to Wear Animal Prints

Animal prints made a huge comeback recently, although they never really went out of style, to begin with. Whether you're new to the world of animal prints (if so, welcome, it's fun here!) or you're someone who's been about these wild prints forever and want to update your looks to be more contemporary, the good news is that there are fun, tasteful, trendy, and easy ways to rock these patterns.

While fierce leopard and cheetah print are definitely the name of the animal print game, there are a ton of different prints to explore and play around with. From making your entire look pop with bold spots to adding some subtle jungle-worthy stripes to an outfit, below are some tips for how to properly style your animal print clothing.

Rock a Leopard Print Midi Skirt

It seems that we can't go anywhere these days without seeing one of those oh-so-cute leopards or cheetah print midi skirts, and we're definitely not complaining. When it comes to rocking animal print clothing, this is both an on-trend and stylish place to start, in addition to being a surprisingly versatile piece in your wardrobe.

For the perfect animal print midi skirt, opt for a silky, fluid knit fabric with a flattering flared shape and a smooth silhouette. This skirt is versatile because you can dress it up or down. To dress it up, pair it with a black cashmere cardigan and some kitten heels (sticking with the feline theme, of course), and your favorite gold necklace or earrings. And to keep it cute and casual, simply pair your skirt with a plain white tee and white or black sneakers and add a denim jacket if you need an extra layer.

Stock Up on Animal Print Blouses

If you want to incorporate more animal print into your wardrobe, a few animal print blouses are great to have in rotation. You can find women's blouses in any animal print your heart desires, from the classic leopard or cheetah to zebra stripes, tiger stripes, or even pretty butterfly wing-inspired prints.

The great thing about these tops is that you can pair them with straight-leg jeans, white or black slacks or chinos, or a similarly neutral-toned skirt and have a complete look that's both vibrant and effortless. For one outfit idea, opt for a silky, button-up animal print blouse that features black somewhere in the pattern and pair it with some black wide-leg pants and flats or booties, depending on the weather. Complete this look with some simple, delicate jewelry, and you have the perfect outfit for a client meeting, followed by a dinner out with friends!

Opt for Bold Print Dresses

With the right accessories, women's dresses can provide yet another great opportunity for incorporating fierce animal prints into your wardrobe. The trick is to opt for a print dress and keep the rest of your outfit super simple, such as rocking black, white, or brown shoes, opting for subtle outwear, and keeping your jewelry or any other accessories on the delicate side.

For example, if you start with a piece like a cheetah print maxi dress, you'll want to pair it with white sneakers and a light denim jacket, or with black ballet flats and black leather or pleather jacket. With either of these outfit iterations, complete the look with a simple gold necklace or tiny gold hoop earrings. This is another example of a look that's both effortless and stylish and is ideal for meeting friends for lunch or even a comfy yet cute day look while on vacation.

All in the Accessories

Another take on incorporating animal prints is to use your accessories as a way to rock spots or stripes. With this approach, you'll want to keep your outfits somewhat neutral and opt for items like leopard print booties, a zebra print scarf or headband, a chunky tiger print bracelet, or a cheetah print scarf just to name a few examples.

An outfit idea here is to start with trendy straight cut light wash denim jeans, pair it with a plain women's white blouse, and then add a pop of vibrancy to this simple yet stylish combo with some suede leopard print ankle booties. You can add a layer to this outfit by rocking a tan duster coat or a beige or black cardigan, depending on the weather.

These are just a few ideas of our favorite ways to wear animal prints clothing that we hope have provided some inspiration for your next outfit creation. That said, at the end of the day, there really is no wrong way to wear animal print. These prints can be incorporated in any way that makes you feel confident and comfortable. You can rest assured that they'll add a fierce, fun edge to any and every look you create.


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