Quick Tips for a Winter Closet Refresh

Quick Tips for a Winter Closet Refresh

When it comes to having a fresh, organized, and winter-ready closet, all it takes is a little prep! You can get your closet ready for the cooler weather in a flash with just a few simple steps. These ideas will go a long way in helping revamp your wardrobe for the season so you stay stylish, cozy, and confident in your winter clothes.

Cull Your Closet Before Cool Weather Hits

One of the key things to tackle in your winter clothes closet refresh is to cull items in your closet that aren’t serving their purpose or no longer work for you. This is essential to helping you have the space for items that you love and that make you feel beautiful and confident. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed; simply start with one shelf or drawer at a time and continue as you have time. Not sure what to remove? Just ask yourself a few basic questions. Does the item still fit? If not, it could be time to donate it or say goodbye. Is the clothing or accessory item very worn, stained, or otherwise damaged? If so, wearing it probably won’t make you look or feel your best. If items like zippers are damaged, it will also impact their function, so it’s a good idea to check the wear and tear on items in your closet before winter starts. Maybe the clothing or accessory item in question just isn’t in style any longer or you don’t love it as much as you once did. For any of these reasons, donating and recycling are great ways to get rid of those unwanted items and get prepared for winter.

Find Smart Storage Solutions for Warm-Weather Clothing and Accessories

Removing or condensing the warm-weather items from your closet is also an important step in making sure your closet is ready for the colder temps. There are a variety of storage solutions to try, depending on how much space you have. Use vacuum-seal storage bags to condense clothing or soft items, and store them on higher closet shelves or behind cold-weather clothes. Under-bed storage containers can keep seasonal summer and spring items out of the way until it’s time to pull them out again. If you have separate storage areas for seasonal clothing, place items in secure plastic storage totes or boxes. Remember to clearly label them so you can find them again easily in the spring.

Create an Organization System for Your Winter Wardrobe That Works for You

No matter how much or how little space you have in your closet, what’s key to refreshing it for the season will be organizing your winter items in a way that maximizes space and makes the most sense for you. You may want to organize items according to layers, such as base layers, sweaters, and jackets. Or, you may want to organize your clothing into complete outfits on hangers that are ready to wear and make your morning go more smoothly. Coordinating winter clothing items by color is another method some people prefer. Grouping items like scarves, hats, or other winter accessories in seagrass baskets or canvas storage bins will keep them neatly organized but also easily accessible.

Restock Your Winter Wardrobe With Basics

Once you’ve culled, stowed warm-weather clothes, and organized your existing winter items, it’s time to take stock of just what you need. Are new down coats or parkas in the cards for your winter activities? Maybe you need to replace essential items like turtlenecks, corduroy pants, or flannel shirts? Make sure you have all the necessities to create great winter outfits for both work and casual activities. From warm and durable women’s jeans and cozy leggings to cute work jackets and cozy hoodies, there are plenty of options to consider.

Add Some Trendy Cold-Weather Pieces

Along with all the basic items you may need to stock up on, consider a few trendy pieces to add some flair. Items such as patterned long-sleeve tops, cashmere sweaters in seasonal colors, and on-trend print leggings or colored jeans can all go a long way in sprucing up your winter wardrobe in a whole new way. Try some tops in new colors, or spice things up with a winter dress or stylish pair of wool trousers. Mix and match trendy pieces with your tried-and-true basics to keep things fresh.

Refresh Your Closet With New Winter Footwear and Accessories, Too

Remember your winter footwear and accessories for your winter closet refresh! Having warm, durable and stylish boots, great hats, and cute but cozy fashion scarves will all make a big impact on your winter outfits. Stay organized and look your best when you refresh your winter wardrobe, from the basics down to the accessories. Once you’ve organized and updated your closet, you’ll be set to step out in cool style in your winter clothes!


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