5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Under Quarantine This Christmas

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home Under Quarantine This Christmas

We're spending more time at home than ever before, so it'll be important to ensure it feels special to do just that over the holiday season. Whether your family usually travels for Christmas, you're usually hosting several holiday parties for friends, or you tend to just relax at home for Christmas anyway, you'll want to take this opportunity to give your home some sparkle and shine.

Putting extra care into decorating the house or even just doing some deep cleaning to enjoy a stress-free evening around a crackling fire will amplify your holidays this year. Below are just a few ideas for how you can get your home holiday-ready for a cozy quarantine Christmas.

1. Festive Bedding

Waking up on Christmas morning never loses its magic. Since we've all been nesting this year (and maybe spending more time in bed than usual), it'll be key that you upgrade your bedroom to make the holiday season feel special. Rather than making the bed with your standard sheets in the days leading up to Christmas, swap them out for Christmas bedding to bring some instant joy to your home. For an extra cozy morning, you and your family can wake up in Christmas flannel sheet sets that'll set the tone for a special day.

2. Kitchen Decorations

The kitchen is central to any successful Christmas at home. The wafting scent of Grandma's sugar cookie recipe, the whole family whipping up a breakfast feast on Christmas morning, and snacking on a festive cheese plate as you finish setting the table are just a few of the hallmarks of holiday kitchen action. Since this will be the sensory epicenter of your Christmas season, you'll want to ensure your space sets the right scene.

Try a simple touch like Christmas Decor, putting peppermint-scented soap in the soap dish, or hanging paper snowflakes in the windows. Step up the experience by playing your favorite Christmas tunes over speakers and hanging your favorite Needlepoint Christmas Stocking.

3. Christmas Scents

All it takes is one whiff of fresh pine, a crackling fire, or fresh-baked cookies to get into the Christmas spirit. Stocking up on the right scents can be an easy way to refresh your home for the holidays. Light some candles for delightful aromas and the added touch of a soft glow. The ultimate Christmas candle scents are balsam fir, cranberry, or gingerbread cookie.

You can also use any essential oil diffuser to spread the Christmas spirit in any room. Essential oils are a great option since the scent is just as strong as your favorite candle, but many oils also have mood-boosting or other wellness effects. The best essential oils for freshening up your home for Christmas are frankincense, orange, and pine. You can even find a Christmas blend that will bring holiday cheer to any room of your home!

4. Creative Decor

This might seem like an obvious one — of course you're going to decorate for Christmas! But this year you should step it up a notch. Since the family will likely spend more time at home than usual this holiday season, you'll want to create a winter wonderland to make your space feel special. Make sure you set aside some time to decorate the tree together and surprise the family with personalized Christmas ornaments to make this moment even more memorable.

Don't just stop at the tree, of course! Get everyone together for DIY decorations as an activity, such as making popcorn garlands, trendy pom-pom garlands, classic paper snowflakes, or even wreaths. Play with the lighting in your space to really bring that magic into your home. Fairy string lights cascading down from the rafters or tucked behind faux snow will be sure to transform any room. Or, opt for paper lanterns in fun and festive shapes that you can hang from the ceiling.

5. Freshen Up

With everything going on during the holidays, it'll be key to have a clean and organized home on Christmas morning. This will be sure to help everyone focus on the event rather than on a school or work project they're putting off for after the break.

Encourage your family (or yourself) to put away supplies and take this break as an opportunity to reorganize so everyone can start fresh after the New Year. Carve out some time to tackle that messy junk drawer or throw on some Christmas music while the whole family picks a room they want to tidy up. Swap out any unopened mail for Christmas centerpieces and create clutter-free space for the DIY projects you all can't wait to do together!

Christmas under quarantine might not have been your plans for this year, but you can make it all the more special by refreshing your home for the occasion.


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