Refresh Your Aesthetic: Tips for Going Cottagecore

Refresh Your Aesthetic: Tips for Going Cottagecore

The cottagecore aesthetic is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon – and we’re definitely not mad about it. This aesthetic evokes all things whimsical and cozy, like picking wildflowers in an open field or sipping tea while you gaze out over a snowy mountain range.

Cottagecore is also one of our favorite trends because it’s an easy aesthetic to achieve, meaning you don’t have to revamp your entire closet to embrace this look. This trend is about keeping things simple, and you can go cottagecore with ease like the vibe itself. Read on for tips for refreshing your aesthetic with some cottagecore staples, and get ready to live out your oh-so-cozy mountain getaway dreams regardless of where you are.

Floral Maxi Dresses

The cottagecore aesthetic is made up of a few core fabrics, prints, and hemlines. Two see things you'll see a lot of when creating looks around this trend are longer hemlines and floral prints, which is where floral maxi dresses come in. These effortless and boho chic dresses are a must-have for going cottagecore, and there are a few ways you can style these breezy dresses to fit this trend.

Try pairing a sleeveless floral maxi dress with brown or black Chelsea boots and a textured cardigan, or find a floral print maxi dress with bishop (or puffy) sleeves and a square or sweetheart neckline that you can wear with lace-up ankle booties and a cute headband.

Flowy Midi Skirts

Another way to refresh your aesthetic with cottagecore staples is by incorporating a few flowy midi skirts into your rotation. Midi skirts are right on trend and are the perfect center point for several cottagecore looks.

Opt for a flowy floral print midi skirt, a tiered ruffle midi skirt, an earth-toned midi skirt, or a classic plaid midi skirt in neutral tones. Pair any of these high-waist midi skirts with a boxy, textured sweater or a tie-front puff sleeve top for a quintessentially cottagecore look that’s as flattering as it is easy.

Textured Sweaters

If you’re looking to embrace the cottagecore aesthetic, you’ll want to stock up on women's sweaters. There are so many sweater styles that fit with this comfy-cozy trend, like textured button-up cardigan sweaters, floral print or embroidered crewneck sweaters, and earth-toned oversized sweaters in hues like moss green and tan.

Once you have a few cottagecore sweaters in your rotation, it comes down to the layering. A button-up cardigan looks great over a maxi dress, like we mentioned above, or layered over a simple off-white or earth-toned crewneck t-shirt with a pair of high-waist corduroy pants. Or, layer an oversized crewneck sweater over a turtleneck or mock neck top, and pair this cozy combo with some wide-leg pants and Chelsea boots.

Breezy Linen Tops and Puff Sleeve Tunics

While comfy-cozy sweaters are an essential cottagecore top, you’ll also want to ensure you have a few breezy women's blouses in your wardrobe, too.

To pick the perfect cottagecore blouse with you, first, picture yourself in that field of wildflowers or gazing out on that mountain range we talked about earlier. What style blouse do you picture yourself in? It’s likely a neutral-toned breezy linen button-up or a cute off-white or floral print pluff sleeve tunic. Rock one of these tops with a pair of wide-leg linen or cotton pants, a midi or maxi skirt, or high-rise corduroy pants for a perfectly cottagecore look.

Embroidered and Straw Accessories

Now that we’ve covered the dresses, tops, and bottoms that you’ll want in your closet, let’s move on to the accessories. You'll want a few cottagecore accessories on hand (or on your head), like an embroidered cross-body purse, a boho rattan bag, and a tan or off-white straw women's hat.

Since the straw hat likely makes more sense for spring or summer, you might also want a floral print or earth-toned bucket hat that you can wear in the colder months. If you’re not ready to embrace the bucket hat trend, don’t fret! A knit beanie in a hue like mustard yellow, sage green, or rust red also works great for accessorizing with cottagecore outfits in winter or fall.

Refreshing your aesthetic by going cottagecore might just be your best fashion move yet – whether or not you’re ready to make the IRL move to the cozy cottage of your dreams. This aesthetic is on-trend, comfy, breezy, and easy to style for warm or cold weather. Plus, you can likely create a lot of these looks using some staples you already have in your closet!


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