Reasons Why We Love Spring

Reasons Why We Love Spring

Spring just might be the best time of year. We love that this time of year is associated with new life and new beginnings. The days are lengthening, meaning more sun. Snow gives way to flowers and greenery. Wildlife comes alive and is active with birds out singing songs.

The warming, mild temperatures also mean you can finally put away your winter coat and break out your summer dress. There are so many reasons to love spring. Here are our favorite things about this most wonderful time of the year.

Spring Forward Means More Sunshine

Once we spring forward into daylights savings time, it is likely that the sun will still be in the sky when you get off work in the evening. More opportunities to be exposed to sunshine means that your body can produce more vitamin D, which is a vital nutrient involved in hormone production that makes us feel happy (SAD lamp, anyone?). Spring is the happiest time of year and biology will back us up on that. In addition to making you feel more awake during the day, all of this helpful hormone production also helps you sleep better at night.

Remember to apply some sunscreen wherever you go outside, it will help provide protection for your skin from some of the sun's more powerful rays. But do make sure you get outside this spring and enjoy the sun safely. We've all been longing to pack away our snow pants and throw on our favorite pair of women's shorts to get some sun on our legs.

Mild and Moderate Temperatures

Speaking of clothing, these warming temperatures mean you can peel off all the layers from winter. Feel the breeze on your legs. You can wear your favorite women’s skirt without layers of tights underneath. You could go out at night with a light jacket or head to the office in a trench coat, instead of your heavy winter jacket.

Everything Is in Bloom

Flowers and trees are blooming, and parks and gardens are starting to look lush and green again. This makes for beautiful nature walks, spending time outdoors and in our gardens, and of course, hitting local markets for this seasons' fresh fruits and veggies.

Don’t forget your canvas tote bag when heading out to enjoy all the local offerings at the farmers' market this spring.

Picnics and Outdoor Brunch

Time to get outside and take advantage of the gorgeous weather and scenery. Grab your picnic basket and throw blanket, it’s time to organize a fun-filled spring picnic with friends or family in the park this weekend.

Perhaps you're more of an outdoor café person. Reserve a patio table at the best brunch spot in town for you and your closest gal pals. Celebrate the beginning of spring by popping a bottle of breakfast champagne and soaking up that spring weather on a cool outdoor dining patio. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunhat.

It’s Iced Coffee Season

Finally. Speaking of food and beverages in the springtime, it is now finally warm enough to order your special iced coffee beverage at your favorite local café, perfect for a warm spring day. Grab your iced coffee and go for a walk around the park for a little self-care. It is a simple but beautiful way to enjoy the little pleasures of life.

Spring Cleaning

Throw on your comfiest women's loungewear and put your hair in a top bun. It's time to get down to the real spring business: spring cleaning. Open up all the windows and let the stale winter air out and the fresh spring air in. Dust, vacuum, mop, sanitize, and organize. Donate what you no longer need and pack away your winter gear for the season. Getting organized and getting your space clean is a wonderfully cathartic springtime ritual for the rest of the year.

Outdoor Workouts

Working out outside can be a great change of pace to inspire you to move from a winter of running indoors on a treadmill. So invest in some new women’s activewear this spring and take your workout routine to the park, or even your backyard.

Fresh air, fresh produce, a new season, a new you. We hope this list of reasons why we love spring has inspired you to enjoy this wonderful season to its fullest. Now summer is just around the corner!


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