8 Reasons to Plan a Winter Getaway

8 Reasons to Plan a Winter Getaway

Winter is that special time of year meant for bundling up and getting cozy by the fire. It's the time for spending all day baking your favorite sweets! It is the time for slowing down and enjoying time with friends and family. It's also time for friend’s parties and lavish dinners for your entire extended family. It's time for shopping and giving and receiving. It's time for holiday cheer...right?

Sometimes we find ourselves becoming overwhelmed by many of these aspects of winter and the holiday season. Perhaps we just start feeling the cold winter blues and the itch to head south for more sunshine. Turn that winter frown upside down! Here are eight reasons why you should plan a winter vacation this year.

Embracing the Winter

Grab your warmest winter coat and head to the mountains for a winter wonderland getaway. You could plan a skiing trip that the whole family will love. You could rent a cozy cabin in the woods, go ice skating on a naturally frozen pond, and sip cider by the fire at night. Plan a getaway that allows you to fully enjoy the cold, snow and ice, and embrace this beautiful time of year!

Escaping the Winter

Perhaps you already live somewhere with snowy mountains or frozen ponds for regular ice skating activity and you would just like a break from the cold and snow. Escaping cold winter weather is the perfect excuse to plan a mid-winter getaway. Pack your best sun protective swimwear and head to the tropics! Sunbathing and swimming in warm water is the best cure there is for winter blues.

Saving Money

Did you know that traveling is generally more affordable during winter months? Winter is typically considered “off-season” for a variety of destinations, making the costs associated with travel the most affordable this time of year. This is especially true of those warm and beachy places typically associated with spring break or summer fun. Look for deals and discounts on flights and hotels for your ultimate bucket list tropical destinations this winter. Saving money by traveling during the winter months is a great reason to start planning this getaway today!

Getting (or Staying) Active

Winter can be a difficult time to stay active. The urge to stay bundled up indoors, watching your favorite TV shows and indulging in comfort food is a natural response to the coldest time of year. If you want to be inspired to stay active this winter, plan a winter getaway full of fun and enriching physical activity. Travel to a walkable city and spend the day on foot exploring local sights, like historical venues or museums. You could also head out into nature and go for a hike. If you’re headed to the beach, grab a women’s rash guard and take some surfing lessons.

Create the Opportunity to Bond With Your Family (or Friends)

A winter getaway is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family or friends. Plan a fun, family-friendly trip. You could even include extended relatives for a chance to reconnect. You could, alternatively, plan a girl’s trip for you and your besties to get together and unwind. Travel and play are fantastic ways to deepen your relationships with those closest to you.

You Need Some “You-Time”

On the other hand, maybe you need some “you-time". If so, plan a solo retreat! Maybe you’ve had a winter or holiday season full of friends and family, and now it's time to wind down and relax by yourself. Pack your comfy women’s loungewear and start planning a weekend at a spa and indulge with just you, yourself, and maybe a good book.

Reconnect With Nature

Wintertime is a fantastic time to slow down and reconnect with nature. Breathing in fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D are also great reasons for a winter getaway. Plan a trip to a national park! (It’s off-season, remember?) Bring your fleece and flannel shirts to layer on your day-long hikes in stunning wilderness. Or, weather permitting, plan an overnight camping trip for the whole family.

You Deserve It!

The final, and quite possibly best and most important reason for planning a winter getaway this year is that you deserve it! Maybe you need to relax and recoup after a busy holiday season. Maybe you’ve been working hard all year and have some PTO to burn. Perhaps you just want a change of scenery. Whatever your reason, get to planning and enjoy your winter getaway—you've earned it!


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