Life’s Luxuries: Products to Splurge On

Life’s Luxuries: Products to Splurge On

From time to time, you could find the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something you want. But, even if you aren’t prone to splurging on yourself, some life’s luxuries are worth splurging on a bit. Whether they help make your day feel a bit more special, or they are investment items that will be in your closet for decades to come, this list of products to splurge on will serve as an ideal inspiration for your next shopping spree.

Luxury Candles

If you are into scented rooms, a luxury candle will change how you look at candles altogether. Not only do they add décor and pizzazz to your home, but their fragrances will also be worth the high price tag.

A High-Quality Sheet Set

The first night you sleep in your luxury bed sheets, you will think you’re sleeping at a hotel. You already spend so much of your life in bed, and having a good night’s sleep is critical for wellness. Add another layer of luxury when you opt for monogrammed sheet sets instead.

A Luxury Bathrobe

There is something about wrapping yourself in a soft bathrobe after a shower that feels regal and luxurious. While it might seem silly to splurge on a towel, the higher thread count and material can undoubtedly make a difference.

A Fleece Blanket

Any blanket lover can attest to the magnificence of having a high-quality blanket. If you get one that’s too thin, there’s no point in using it. Get yourself a fleece blanket, and you’ll look forward to going to sleep every night. If you’re the type that likes to keep another one by the couch, get one of these monogrammed blankets for a regal look and feel.

Silk Pajamas

Nothing compares to the luxury of sleeping in a silk pajama set. Even if you’re not a pajama person, walking around the house in these will make you feel pampered, rested, and comfortable.

An Investment Watch

Saving enough money to get an investment watch is a must. Pick any brand and style you love, and work toward one day gifting that to yourself. It's finally time to plan to treat yourself to a watch you know will be around for generations to come.

A High-Quality Knit Sweater

Everyone needs at least one high-quality sweater. Perfect for cold days and holiday family reunions, a knit sweater you can trust is a must-have in every closet. A life’s luxury worth splurging on is a soft cashmere sweater, by far one of the most timeless and statement pieces any woman can own.

A Luxury Handbag

Owning a luxury handbag is a feeling only handbag lovers understand. But splurging on this timeless accessory can even be seen as an investment. Some bags will become vintage items that can rise in price as time goes on. So whether you get a monogrammed tote or a classic briefcase splurging on a quality handbag will always pay off.

A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the item that keeps on giving. While they are beautiful when you buy them, they get better and better with time. If a leather jacket isn’t in your budget (yet), don’t worry; investing in a high-quality denim jacket is a splurge that you will treasure for years to come.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a rewarding life luxury, whether you are working from home or are back at the office. They let you zone out, unwind, and relax no matter where you are. They're ideal for traveling, running errands, working out, and every other occasion in between.

A High-Quality Swimsuit

There might be a million swimsuits out there, but when you splurge on a high-quality swimsuit piece, you know you’ll have it for plenty of beach and pool days to come. Whether you get a slimming swimsuit or a trendy tankini swimsuit, a high-quality suit will go with you everywhere.

Luxury Duvet Covers

To transform your bedroom into a hotel room, the only thing you need is to splurge on are luxury duvet covers. It's sure to make your bed feel like a fluffy cloud every time you lie down for a well-earned rest.

An Espresso Machine

Listen to your inner barista, and get your fancy coffee at home when you splurge on an espresso machine. This magical gadget lets you whip up coffee-shop-quality drinks without ever having to change from your silk pajamas.

A Classic Black Dress

A little black dress is a wardrobe staple, regardless of your style. And, a black dress doesn’t have to be boring at all. Find a modern take on the classic black dress, and make it feel uniquely yours.

A Wool or Cashmere Coat

Whether or not you live in cold climates, having a wool or cashmere coat waiting in your closet is a staple. It's a sophisticated, versatile piece that you'll be proud to wear on all your special occasions.


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