Five Best Decorative Items For Your Front Porch

Five Best Decorative Items For Your Front Porch

The front of your house says a lot about your personality. Choose decor that suits your mood, or swap it out with the seasons. Either way, you’ll have a front facade you just can’t wait to come home to. From bringing nature to your fingertips to fun and unique seasonal decor, there’s a front porch style for everyone. Celebrate your family’s unique style with these unique porch decor items.

Fun Furniture

Create an outdoor space that you’ll love with cozy outdoor furniture. Choose pieces that beckon you to sit down and shed the stress of the day. Rocking chairs and big outdoor couches work well. Set up end tables and a few cozy chairs to invite people to hang out and enjoy the day. If your porch doesn’t have shade, consider installing an awning or an umbrella so you can relax outside no matter what the weather is doing. Don’t forget to get a WiFi booster so you can even work outside right from the comfort of your front porch.

Wave Your Favorite Flag

Flags are fun and festive front porch decor that celebrates the season. From winter’s wonders to patriotism to your favorite holiday, there’s a flag for every occasion. Show off your pride for various causes or celebrate a family member’s birthday. Swap flags out throughout the year to show your support for your home team or even design your own flag. Personalized flags can even match other elements inside your home, such as monogrammed towels for an even more consistent look throughout the house.

Potted Plants

Flowers and plants add bursts of color to any space, but especially to your front door decor lineup. Use anything from standing pots to hanging plants in order to create a cozy and green outdoor look. Plant bulbs in the fall for a dose of beautiful colors in the spring or choose perennials for years of bright joy. Match your flowers with other elements, such as outdoor throw blankets. Put one tall plant, one ground crawler, and one medium plant in planters to create an eye-catching bouquet that looks lush.

Be sure to regularly water potted plants. Typically, pots need more water than their in-ground cousins, since the heat from the pot can dry out the soil. Stick your thumb in the pot and make sure the soil is always moist. When first planted, water daily to ensure the roots take off and establish themselves. If the plants look dry or wilted, add some water. Keep in mind that watering frequencies will have a lot to do with the pot’s access to rain, so keep an eye on your potted plants on your front porch.

Cozy Up with Pillows and More

With a little greenery and some nice furniture, it’s time to add in some comfort. To ensure you want to hang out on your front porch, you’ll want plenty of cozy items to entice you to sit down. Decorate your outdoor furniture with different throw pillows and other homey accessories that focus on comfort. That way you can get as cozy as possible as you curl up with a good book or a happy hour cocktail. Swap out different pillow designs throughout the year. For example, use floral throw pillows to celebrate spring and summer. For fall, swap out for pillows and blankets of brilliant golds, reds, and oranges. In winter, you can opt to take in your furniture coverings and pillows so they stay protected, or for warmer climates, add in a splash of silver and blue.

An Eye-Popping Sculpture

One way to separate your house from your neighbors is through sculpture. Sculptures and fountains add variety and a custom touch to any front porch. Shop at local artisans’ studios for your next big statement piece. Alternatively, you can pick something up from your travels. These pieces will always remind you of the amazing travel memories. For fountains, remember you’ll need to maintain them so be sure to understand what kind of routine maintenance is required. Either way, you’ll have an amazing piece of art you can relax and enjoy right on your front porch. 

These five items make excellent front porch decor. Create a cozy outdoor living space that encourages you to get outside and enjoy your home. Let your personality shine with artwork and designs that fit your family’s unique character. The result is a show-stopping front porch you’ll want to spend time in.


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