Cutest Plus-Size Swimwear for Your Next Tropical Getaway

Cutest Plus-Size Swimwear for Your Next Tropical Getaway

If you’re planning an epic tropical vacation, you know you need to pack for at least one specific purpose: heat! If you're traveling to a warmer climate, it’s destined to be balmy no matter where you’re headed, so long as sunshine and humidity are factors. While you’ll need to bring along essentials like sunscreen and hats to shield your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, you can also use this opportunity to snap up a few fun and flattering plus-size swimsuits for your vacation. Here are a few styles you’ll love.


The plus-size tankini is incomparable in so many ways. It’s not just a practical choice, but also one of the most stylish. The beauty of this style is that it provides you with an easy way to enjoy the comfort of a two-piece along with the coverage of a one-piece. If you love the idea of wearing a bikini because you can mix and match your tops and bottoms, you can enjoy the same flexibility with a tankini!

Moreover, tankinis provide more coverage without sacrificing your comfort in a tropical climate. Whether you’re swimming, playing volleyball, or soaking up the sunshine, you’ll appreciate how the suit looks and feels when you choose a style and pattern you love. It’s also a space-saver when packing for a pool or beach trip – you can easily swap tops with neutral-colored bottoms to create new looks all the time instead of filling up your luggage with multiple swimsuits.

Swim Dress

Another option that’s ideal if you wish to dress modestly is a women’s plus-size swim dress. There are elegant qualities about this style. It is easy to put on and its dress-style silhouette is flattering. Swim dresses can be paired with either sandals or flip-flops. There are stylish options for swim dresses– and more than a few reasons to consider it for your tropical vacation.

Key among those reasons is the way that it protects your skin from harsh UV rays. Swim dresses provide a bit more coverage than a bikini but do so without leaving you too warm or uncomfortable. You can opt for a swingy silhouette with a high neckline, or try one with a cinched empire waist. There are even wrap styles that resemble a dress you might wear on a night out! The sky is the limit where this versatile and highly flattering swimsuit is concerned.

Swim Shorts

A great pair of plus-size swim shorts will make life so much simpler if you’re seeking something that you can wear easily both in the water and on land. Think of it as the ultimate transitional piece: something you can wear while you’re spiking the ball on the sand and that you can wear while surfing. They’re great for tropical cruises – you can walk around the deck in a pair of comfortable shorts and tankini or bikini top.

And swim shorts are typically more than just standard swimsuits – they can be stylish and comfortable when walking around the beach or pool! Look for features that enhance comfort and offer practical solutions, such as waistbands, drawstrings, and pockets. You can even select from styles depending on what you're looking for in a swimsuit.

Rash Guard

Whether you’re a surfer or not, you’ll find dozens of reasons to add a rash guard to your repertoire. Sure, this plus-size long-sleeve swimsuit is specifically designed to protect your skin from abrasions and discomfort that could develop while you’re on your board. But this fitted style is also perfect if you want to shield your skin from harsh rays and avoid a painful sunburn that could otherwise derail your tropical getaway.

You can wear them both inside and out of the water, providing you with the added advantage of versatility. Many styles are designed with built-in sun protection, which can help you feel more secure while you’re sunbathing or running around on the sand. And if you happen to love the look of something more modest on the beach, a rash guard looks great with a pair of swim shorts!

Selecting the Right Style

What’s a little heat and humidity when you’re wearing a suit that helps you look and feel your very best? Packing for a tropical vacation is a great excuse to snap up a few easy, relaxed basics that help you stay comfortable in any environment!


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