Plus-Size Swimwear for the Sporty Mom

Plus-Size Swimwear for the Sporty Mom

If you’re a mom who loves the beach, pool, lake, and every other aquatic activity in between, then you know how important it is to have a variety of cute swimwear in your closet. It’s also a given that you like to stay active on land. The good news is that your swimwear can do double-duty with your activewear to keep you stylish and supported all year.

When you have everything just right in your closet, you know you can grab the cutest plus-size swimsuits to make a stunning ensemble for land or water sports. These swimsuits will keep you on the go and active during even the most intense activities.

Tankinis Are Life!

When you’re active, it’s important to have supportive clothing that keeps you cool. Having tops and bottoms made of moisture-wicking materials and breathable fabrics is crucial for staying comfortable all day. If you had to pick one of the most versatile swimwear pieces ever, the plus-size tankini top would take first place. It offers the same coverage as a typical activewear top or camisole but offers superior durability, support, and moisture-wicking abilities. It also doesn’t hold water like a standard shirt so that you can dry off quickly.

Moms who are active and fashionable have so many tankini-style options that they can always make a fresh look. For instance, a zip-up tankini top allows different levels of modesty depending on your activity. Also, high-neck swim tops provide extra coverage when you need to do some serious sports like biking or taking an intense HIIT class. When you’re not at the gym, they look great with leggings or shorts!

Swim Shorts

When you want to be active, extra coverage on the bottom is helpful to stay agile without constant readjustments. Plus size swim shorts offer a convenient alternative to activewear shorts because they offer all-in-one coverage with a moisture-wicking material that will keep you dry and comfortable.

Swim shorts can be mixed and matched with your favorite activewear tops and seamlessly blend into countless summer outfits. They work just as well as activewear shorts and are made to stay put no matter how you move. We suggest getting swim shorts in a few basic colors like gray and black so that they are easy to match with women’s T-shirts and other basics.

Swim Capris

If you need even more coverage for some serious action, plus-size swim capris can give you the coverage you need. When it’s time to dive for the ball during a volleyball match, the extra length of these pants offers more protection than having just bare legs. They also can be worn in other athletic settings like yoga classes, the gym, and hot days at the park due to the capris’ ability to dry quickly.

Supportive Underwire Tops

Need support? We got you! Plus-size bathing suits tops with underwire keep everything under control with extra bust support. So when you need to make the next sprint after the frisbee or chase an unusually fast toddler, you can be confident that your figure is on point.

If you need more coverage, simply throw a T-shirt or a rash guard on top. This will keep your arms and shoulders protected and add a level of modesty that will help you stay comfortably active. In fact, a rash guard can be worn anytime you need moisture-resistant support—whether it’s from pool water or sweat!

Sun Protection Swimwear

Out in the sun? Then plus-size sun protection swimwear will keep you protected no matter where you are. The UPF 50 fabric is made to block out around 98% of both UVA and UVB rays, even without sunblock. This reduces your risk of developing skin cancer and developing painful sunburns.

When you’re active, and out in the open sun, you can easily forget to apply sunblock every time you need it. The extra precaution of having SPF swimwear will keep you perfectly covered and protected even when you’re out in the sun for hours. This swimwear also dries quickly so that they don’t weigh you down like normal T-shirts. For the active mom who needs to cover as many bases as possible, this type of precaution can be a great convenience.

Swimwear can be used for more than just swimming, so it’s important to have many options. These plus-size swimwear ideas for a sporty mom will keep you active and stylish all season long. Wear them in the water or on land for so many cute possibilities!


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