Plus-Size Swimwear for Real Body Types

Plus-Size Swimwear for Real Body Types

A trip to the beach should be about relaxing in the sun, enjoying time with friends and family, and feeling your best with ultra-comfortable plus-size swimwear. We understand that finding perfect plus-size swimwear can be a challenge when it comes to size, fit, and style, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your time by the water this summer. There are so many different plus-size styles that will make you look your best, whether you like more coverage, retro styles, or sun protection. Here are a few of our favorite styles of plus-size swimwear for your body type, that will make you look and feel great.

The Swim Skirt

Style meets comfort with the plus-size swim skirt, an innovative spin on beachwear. The swim skirt makes swimwear stress-free, enhancing your curves and allowing you to enjoy the beach a little bit more modestly. Pair it with a bikini top to show some skin, or with a tankini top to cover up a bit more. Choose from a high-waisted swim skirt for a flattering retro look, or a shorter mid-rise skirt.

There’s also a wide range of high-waisted tummy-control plus size swim skirts that have a slimming effect on the waist and hips. The skirted one-piece is another swim skirt option, which offers a bit more coverage than a regular one-piece while being shorter than a separate full swim skirt. Embrace the elegance and ease of the swim skirt for a look that slenderizes the hips while letting you feel carefree on the beach.

The Swim Dress

If you’d never heard of the plus-size swim dress before now…welcome to a whole new world. A revolutionary step for plus size swimwear, the swim dress allows you to enjoy all the sleek elegance of the one-piece bathing suit with a bit of gorgeous, streamlined added length for your comfort or modesty. Coming in all sorts of styles, the swim dress has the sophistication of your favorite dress, in comfortable waterproof material that’s beach-ready. We particularly like a swim dress with a sweetheart neckline, an ultra-flattering look that highlights your chest, neck, and collarbones. Or try the swim dress in a fun halter top style for a secure and fashionable look for a day by the water.

The dresskini is another wonderful option in this category, combining what we love about the swim dress with a more convenient separate style. The dresskini features a long, loose-fitting swim dress worn over a pair of hidden swim briefs, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of this ultra-flattering style.

The Cover-Up

The plus-size beach cover-up is an essential wardrobe item for any beach-lover, the plus-size beach cover-up is a handy and stylish piece to wear to the beach, at the beach, and on your way home, as well as practically any other time during the warmer months. Loose-fitting beach cover-ups allow you to shield your skin from the sun while looking glamorous. Whether you prefer a long maxi dress style plus size beach cover-up or a shorter, more playful plus size beach cover-up, there are countless options when it comes to color, print, and silhouette, making it easy to find the perfect one for you. Beach cover-ups make getting ready for the beach easy, allowing you to simply slip your cover-up over your bathing suit, and then slip it off when you’re ready to take a dip! It’s particularly great for those times when you spend all day at the beach, first needing to cover up as you run a few errands beforehand, grabbing some snacks for you and your family or friends at the grocery store. Use it to cover up from the sun, and then, later on, use it to keep yourself warm as the sun begins to fade. When you come home from a long beach day, leave it on as you have dinner and relax with your family, or slip it on when you’re getting ready for an evening out.

Another great beach cover-up is the plus-size rash guard. Sometimes called a swim shirt, a rash guard is a long-sleeve or short-sleeved shirt you can wear over your bathing suit top, or as a bathing suit top on its own. It protects from the sun, the wind, and the cold water, keeping you safe and comfortable for a long day at the beach. Coming in a wide range of styles and colors, a rash guard is a great and practical way to cover up at the beach.

These plus-size bathing suit options are wonderful for anyone looking for more flattering or modest looks for the beach that allow them the ultimate in comfort and style.


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