Best Accessories for Plus-Size Swimsuits

How to Accessorize Your Plus-Size Swimsuit for the Beach

You may love your favorite swimsuit on its own, but adding a few simple accessories can turn basic swim attire into a stylish, put-together outfit for the beach. Beach accessories can be both fun and functional, and a thoughtful outfit can help you look and feel good for a day of splashing in the waves and lounging on the sand. Here are a few ways to enhance your plus-size swimsuit for your next beach trip:


Once you throw on a pair of sunglasses, your whole look changes from basic to chic. Start by looking for pair of sunglasses that matches your women’s swimsuit for a fully coordinated aesthetic. You can match the color of the frames or pick a fun pair with colored lenses. Pick a pair of simple, timeless sunglasses to complement the rest of your beach outfit, or find a statement pair in a unique, funky shape as the point of your ensemble.

To elevate your sunglasses even more and add a practical touch for beach activities, add a glasses chain that hooks onto the arms of your sunglasses to keep them safe and secure. For an elegant, beachy boho vibe, try adding a delicate gold chain or a woven, beaded strap. Want a sportier look? Opt for an adjustable lanyard in a complementary color to your swimsuit.


Plus size cover ups can complete your beach outfit, allowing you to seamlessly transition from swimming to sunbathing. Add a pair of comfy plus size swim shorts to show off your bikini top while you lounge, or pick a jersey dress style cover-up to create a completely new outfit for relaxing out of the water. Wrap-style skirts are especially flattering for plus-size women because they accentuate your natural waist and create flowing movement across your silhouette that showcases your curves.

Along with looking stylish, cover-ups give you extra shade from the sun. Once you throw on your cover-up, you can spend more time chatting with friends and relax knowing that your skin is protected. When shopping for a cover-up or rash guard, look for a timeless garment in a sturdy material that complements all of your different swimsuits.

Sun Hats

The hat you choose can completely change the aesthetic of your swimsuit. A vinyl visor exudes fun, sporty energy, while a straw hat is perfect for a relaxed, earthy beach look. Any type of wide-brimmed hat can give you some much-needed shade while also adding a dramatic, chic touch to your silhouette. You can even accessorize and customize your sun hat by adding a colorful ribbon or lightweight scarf around the brim. Match your hat to your swimsuit, or pick out neutral colors that make your suit pop.

Beach Bags

Your beach bag isn’t just a functional place to store your sunscreen–it’s an integral part of your outfit. Make a grand entrance when you arrive at the beach by coordinating your bag with your swimsuit and other accessories. If you have a neutral swimsuit, your beach bag is an opportunity to express your personality.

Add a graphic tote for a modern, youthful look that shares your individual style. Transparent vinyl bags in different colors can add a subtle pop of neon to your ensemble and make it easy to track down all your essentials. Woven totes are a classic for the beach, giving you a timeless, summery accent for your swimsuit.


A delicate necklace can be the perfect finishing detail for your beach outfit. If you’re wearing an off-the-shoulder or v-neck swimsuit that draws attention to your shoulders and chest, a small pendant necklace can complete the look. When picking a necklace to complement your look, choose something with a secure clasp that isn’t likely to come off in the water and double-check that the materials won’t tarnish when wet.

Beach Towel

Who says you can’t accessorize with your beach towel? Matching your beach towels to your outfit is part of the fun of a beach trip. A coordinated towel can make your outfit pop while you lay out on the beach. Consider adding cute details like an embroidered monogram to further personalize your entire beach setup.


Accessorizing a swimsuit is all about the little details from head to toe–and that means picking out a cute pair of sandals. Even if you don’t keep your shoes on the entire time you’re at the beach, a good pair of sandals can complete your look. Pick a pair of embellished flip flops or slip-ons for a stylish shoe that you can easily toss off when you’re ready to swim. Look for beading, embroidery, or just a fun color to complement your swimwear. Gladiator or ankle-wrap sandals are perfect for more secure footwear that still exudes a summery vibe.

Any of these fun accessories can transform your basic plus-size swimsuit into a curated ensemble. Pick out your favorite option or layer up on accessories until you have a complete look that you’re excited to take to the beach.


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