Plus-Size Outfit Ideas for All Your Spring/Summer Activities

Plus-Size Outfit Ideas for All Your Spring/Summer Activities

Ah, springtime! Is there a lovelier season anywhere on the calendar? We think not — except for, we’ll concede, the season that follows it: summer. Sunny days, chilly nights (depending on your locale), blooming flowers, everything coming awake and alive and feeling fresh and free and easy — these are all the reasons we adore summer and spring.

Putting together spring and summer outfits if you’re plus-size (or any size!) can be easy and fun — we’ll show you how step-by-step. A good starting point can be to make a list of your favorite spring and summer activities; and then work through the list, making sure you have several outfit options ready to go (this number may depend on how often you do laundry, how much space you’ve got in your closet, what your budget looks like, and what your taste and sense of style dictates; we suggest having at least two complete outfits on hand that will work well for each activity, but it’s, of course, important to customize your outfit plans to your own particular needs and preferences).

Splish Splash: Beachwear and Poolwear

Let’s start with a category of outfits that can sometimes feel daunting to shop for: swimwear and related pieces. With Lands’ End’s wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, prints, and support levels, there’s a Lands’ End swim pick for everybody! Check out our plus size swimwear selection, and you’ll see lots of appealing choices. From plus size one piece swimsuits to plus size tankinis and plus size swimdresses, the options may not be endless, but they’re pretty close! (And if you’re considering the swim dress-and-bikini-bottom look, but aren’t sure yet whether to take the plunge, go for it! That’s a great choice as well.)

Customize Your Size & Live Your Life in Color!

Some quick tips for feeling comfy and confident in your swimwear: Don’t be afraid to mix and match your sizes when putting together two-piece swim sets; we’ve found that many, if not most, women’s most accurate sizing is different above the waist and below the waist. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone, hair color, and eye color — doing so can help bring out the natural sparkle and liveliness in your eyes, the vibrancy and shine in your hair, and the glow in your skin.

You’ll always look and feel confident and beautiful in the colors that are best suited to you, no matter what happens (perhaps you opted not to wear makeup to a beach or pool party for practicality’s sake, or maybe, despite your diligent SPF application and re-application, you got a bit sunburned — even if you’re bare-faced and a little red, wearing your best colors will still enhance your natural beauty!). Fortunately, Lands’ End’s plus-size swim options come in everything from chic black to understated navy to cheerful, bright colors and vibrant prints! We’ve got the perfect swim set for every complexion.

All About Support

Consider your support needs: what type of bra makes you feel more confident, comfortable, and secure? Choosing swim options that feature your preferred type of bra (whether that’s a shelf bra, a soft-cup bra, or an underwired bra) can help you feel radiant (and make it comfy to run across the beach during a game of beach volleyball, to swing your arms during a water aerobics session, or to catch a wave atop a surfboard).

Know what works for you; your tried-and-true favorite bra style will never let you down and will make it possible for you to focus entirely on the activities you’re doing (rather than feeling distracted by a lack of support). Our plus size underwire swimsuits are a customer favorite! Their durability, flattering cuts, and unbeatable support are legendary amongst Lands’ End fans.

Sun Protection Options Galore

We’ve also got lots of UPF 50 swim options, which protect your skin with the highest available sun protection rating. (Remember to apply sunscreen to exposed skin, though! UPF swimwear can be an important part of your sun-protection plan but shouldn’t be the only sun-protection tool in your toolkit. A combination of sunscreen, UPF fabric apparel, seeking shade when possible, and knowing which times of day the sun is strongest are all effective ways to avoid sunburn and keep your skin looking and feeling great!)

Coordinating Cover-ups

A great cover-up has got you covered (pun intended; we couldn’t resist!) when you’re making your way to and from the beach, pool, or lake. It’s also nice to have a cover-up layer handy to throw on for waterside reading, picnicking, or tailgating. Our plus-size cover-ups are chic, cute, and convenient to throw in your beach or pool bag when heading out for a swim, sail, or saunter.

Feeling Great in Your Own Skin (and in Your Clothes!)

If you ask us, great apparel is important, but confidence is the MVP of any look! With Lands’ End’s fun, chic plus-size options, you’ll feel selfie-ready every day of the week. Effortless confidence is always in style!

A Word About Packing

Do your favorite spring and summer activities take place out of town? If so, you’ll want to start packing early! Avoiding a last-minute packing scramble can make all the difference in ensuring your vacation experience (from start to finish) is full of fun and relaxation rather than stress.

Whether you like to kayak, surf, swim, sunbathe, attend beach parties, swim laps in the pool, or devour dishy “beach read” novels poolside, you’re sure to find all the apparel to do so while in a cute and comfy way at Lands’ End — whether you’re plus size or any size under the sun!


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